Small Business Support for Gov. Dean

In late October 2003 the campaign announced the support of over 140 members of the small business community.  Members of Iowa's small business community supporting Governor Dean include:

Paul and Becky Kelley, owner of Sylvanus Farms, Afton

Helmut and Ilse Mueller, farm owners, Osceola

Jack and Rosemary Cooley, farm owners, Osceola

Larry Muckle, construction contractor, Sioux City

James Morgan, farmer, Correctionville

Larry Theobald, owner of a bike tour company, Sioux City

Heather Reid, owner of a bike tour company, Sioux City

Ken Todd, chiropractor, Sergeant Bluff

Conrad Douglas, attorney, Sioux City

LeAndra Corbett, small business owner, Sioux City

Tony Stoik, attorney, Sioux City

Delbert Heisterkamp, Heisterkamp Ltd., Onawa

David Zahrt, bed and breakfast operator, Turin

Marsha Pilger, cake business, Council Bluffs

Teresa Young, day care provider, Council Bluffs

Jospeh Moyer, Vintage Car Restoration, Shenandoah

Claude Sanders, farmer, Sidney

Scott Frazier, restaurant owner, Clarinda

Bruce Biederman, agricultural business owner, Grafton

Kevin Kennedy, private practice attorney, New Hampton

Mike Kennedy, private practice attorney, New Hampton

Pat McDermott, antique dealer, New Hampton

James Moriarty, private practice attorney, Cresco

Christopher O’Donohoe, private practice attorney, New Hampton

Steve Matter, Decorah Hatchery owner, Decorah

Peg Matter, Decorah Hatchery owner, Decorah

Robert Norton, Craft's at Bluffton Farm owner, Decorah

Marianne Norton, Craft's at Bluffton Farm owner, Decorah

Tim Cantine, farm owner, Decorah

Carter Stevens, attorney, Denver

James Peters, attorney, Independence

Gayle Tellin, farm owner, Westgate

Rod Drenkow, Drenkow R D & Co Inc owner, Waverly

Brian McDonald, HVAC Contractor, Fairfield

Bob Hoerlein, general contractor, Fairfield

Bert Chojnowski, Internet Telephony Co. executive, Fairfield

Ernie Robson, Criminal Detection executive, Fairfield

David Thebodo, railroad equipment dealer, Fairfield

Richard Gilmore, bed & breakfast owner, Washington

Mary Krier, independent insurance agent, Ollie

Mike Carberry, antique dealer, Iowa City

Prasong Nurack, restaurant owner, Iowa City

Mayuree Nurack, restaurant owner, Iowa City

Phillip Mears, attorney, Iowa City

Julia Mears, attorney, Iowa City

Bill Kapp, asparagus farm owner, Solon

Ellen Kapp, asparagus farm owner, Solon

Larry Yerkes, book conservator, Iowa City

Bill Sueppel, attorney, Iowa City

Kurt Friese, restaurant owner, Iowa City

Lee Den Hartog, optometrist, Centerville

Victoria Siegel, attorney, Ottumwa

Ronald Reschly, medical practice, Mt. Pleasant

Kim Hunsaker, accounting firm partner, Burlington

Chris Ball, internet services developer, Bloomfield

Daniel Ouverson, restaurant owner, Iowa City

Carl Sefl, marketing company owner, Hiawatha

Dick Stater, woodworking shop owner, Lisbon

Marcia Rogers, design business owner, Cedar Rapids

Emily Hartle, gourmet food producer, Cedar Rapids

Barb Hartle, gourmet food producer, Cedar Rapids

George Foster, graphic design business owner, Fairfield

Ginny Garrett, massage therapist, Sigourney

Patti Hamilton, real estate broker, Fairfield

John Kuster, long-term care residence owner, Fairfield

Jon Kammerer, guitar shop owner, Keokuk

Linda Thieman, web designer, Storm Lake

Randy Johnson, farmer, Early

Mary Sathoff, C & E’s Antiques, Iowa Falls

Curt Evans, farmer, Joice

Su Evans, farmer, Joice

Terry Guinan, Attorney at Law, Fort Dodge

Lawerence Ternes, Ternes Garage, Ledyard

Mary Ternes, Ternes Garage, Ledyard

Robert Kirsch, farmer, Bode

Peter Holloway, farmer, Kanawha

Adeila  Bilyeu, farmer, Woden

Merle Bilyeu, farmer, Woden

Marlin Olson, farmer, Leland

Ruth Olson, farmer, Leland

Don McGregor, farmer, Swea City

Carol Rueber, Artworks IA, Kanawha

Joan Tunnicliff, farmer, Emmetsberg

Jackie Olson, Olsen Photography, Spirit Lake

Ken Olson, Olsen Photography, Spirit Lake

Janet Brown, The Brown Medical Company, Spirit Lake

Ivan Brown, The Brown Medical Company, Spirit Lake

Hans Appel, farmer, Curlew

Michael Simonson, Simonson & Associates, Des Moines

Dr. Pat Heffron, chiropractor, Corydon

Steve Vanderpool, small business development consultant, Dallas Center

Gwenna Appel, farmer, Dallas Center

Angie Graves, Can Redemption Center, Knoxville

John & Joan Amos, Can Redemption Center, Chariton

Franklin Delano Rinehart, earthmoving contractor, Albia

Dale Robinson, farmer, Albia

Matt Johnson, Cup O Kryptonite, Des Moines

Scott Hoffman, Brown Bag Deli, West Des Moines

Marilyn Hanson, Hanson’s Home Office, Urbandale

Tony Lemmo, Café Di Scalla, Des Moines

John Heitzman, The Book Store, Des Moines

David Llewellyn, dentist, West Des Moines

Milton Albertson, farmer, Seymour

Elsie Ulland, May Kay Consultant, Newton

Glen Jesse, real estate investor, Mitchellville

Carl Wall, Wall Caning & Weaving, Guttenberg

John Stone, tree farmer, Hopkinton

Joan Follon, real estate investment, Volga

Art Moellering, electrician, Garnavillo

Mary Jane White, attorney, Waukon

Barbara Leitgen, Kann Import Shop, Garnavillo

Ed Broders, farmer, Stockton

Sally Peck, attorney, Stockton

Karene Nagel, four family farms, Davenport

Randy Bultema, real estate management firm, Davenport

Jenna Hobbins, Chiropractic Office, Davenport.

Clyde Mayfield, health food store, Davenport.

John Bowman, attorney, Bettendorf.

Bob Boyd, photography studio/graphic arts design business, Bettendorf.

Janice Boyd, photography studio/graphic arts design business, Bettendorf.

Steve Rosetti, restaurant owner, Bettendorf

Nancy Rosetti, restaurant owner, Bettendorf

Larry d’Autremont, Allstate agent, Davenport

Matt and Marilyn Osterhaus, pharmacy owners, Maquoketa

Steve Flynn, construction contractor, Maquoketa

Doug Yegge, realty, Dewitt

Kim Abbott, mail order business, Clinton

Jack Wolfe, lawyer, Clinton

Ann McDonough, Plane Art Designs Inc., Dubuque

Joe Schmitz, farmer, Carroll

Sharon Guthrie, restaurant owner, Exira

Bill Nelson, restaurant owner, Exira

Kevin Middleswart, well drilling, Indianola

Fahim Akber Rahmani, List Associates & American Computer, Ames

Bill Malone, Café Diem, Ames

Lou Scallon, Ophthalmology Private Practice, Ames

John and Susan Cramer, farmers, Guthrie Center

Kim Smith, home daycare service, Marshalltown

Dennis Ladd, attorney, Jefferson,

Terry Selim, antique organ repair, Boone

Pam Dennis, artist, Boone

Ryk Weiss, artist/musician, Boone

Emily Miller, restaurant owner, Greenfield

Don Wieland, Wood Shop and Alternative Building Products, Templeton

# # #

Dean's Small Business Plan Unveiled

Iowans for Dean today announced over 140 members of the small business community in Iowa have endorsed Governor Howard Dean’s presidential campaign.  Small business leaders will unveil the Governor’s small business plan in

“The small business owners here in Iowa understand that their businesses are powerful engines of economic growth,” Dean said. “Small businesses create seven out of every 10 new jobs and they keep those jobs from going offshore. My small business plan will help them succeed and restart the national economy.”

Dean’s small business plan will stimulate growth and generate 100,000 new jobs by focusing on the creation of a Small Business Capital Corporation (SBCC) that will invest $1 billion in loans and create new small business jobs in the first three years. Governor Dean’s plan also includes reducing the health care burden on small businesses, simplifying the paperwork requirements, redirecting federal support from large corporations to small businesses, connecting small businesses to existing sources of capital by identifying and educating potential borrowers, and enforcing anti-trust laws to level the playing field for small businesses.

“This week small business owners and community members will be meeting around the state to talk about the ways we can stimulate growth and create jobs in their local economy,” Dean said.

Small business leaders and community members are meeting around the state to discuss Governor Dean’s small business plan and his record on small business issues. Today, former Iowa Secretary of State Elaine Baxter and State Senator Daryl Beall will be hosting events in Burlington at Laura’s Restaurant and Fort Dodge at Marvin’s Gardens, respectively. On Thursday, October 30, former Iowa Democratic Leader Dick Myers and City Councilwoman Ann Lesnet will be holding a discussion with local Muscatine small business owners at Muscatine Books. In addition, Dallas Center Mayor Bill Stammerman will be hosting Dallas County small business owners at the Smoke House Restaurant.

As Governor of Vermont, Dean worked to implement measures that would enable small businesses to succeed. During his 11-year tenure, Governor Dean built a strong record on a variety of issues affecting small businesses. As Governor, Dean cut the unemployment in half while raising the minimum wage twice.