Rev. Linda Maloney is an at-large delegate > from St. Cloud, Minnesota.  She is academic editor of the Liturgical Press and a priest of the Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota and Chaplain to Morris Episcopal Campus Ministry.  Rev. Maloney generously agreed to provide DEMOCRACY IN ACTION a daily account of her experiences as a delegate.
Saturday, July 24, 2004  0:37 a.m.

Dear Eric,

    Boston and I are old friends.  I got a bit of a look on the shuttle from the airport; not sure how much time I'll get for "doing the town" while I'm here this time.  I talked on the cell phone with a friend and fellow delegate who was also down at Quincy Market watching Hardball being filmed.  Sounded interesting, but I had just gotten into the hotel and was starving (flight delayed, and of course they wait till after the door is closed to mention that they're going to park for an hour before taking off, so not a chance to grab a sandwich . . .).

    Tomorrow a local friend is picking me and the above fellow-delegate (who's never been to Boston) up and we're going to see some things she might not be able to get to on the T -- Lexington and Concord and like that, unless it rains buckets.  Since they're not allowing umbrellas into the Fleet Center, I didn't even bring one.  I'll rely on my big straw hat.

    The hotel is showing some signs of wear, but generally speaking it's nice.  Doesn't hold a candle to the utterly gorgeous Hyatt in Reston, VA, where I attended a meeting in June (price similar), but definitely several steps up from the Days Inn where I stayed last night!  Had dinner in the Japanese steak house in the hotel -- I had tempura, but the other people at the table ordered things that were prepared right at -- or indeed, ON -- the table (which had a large heated surface), so that was fun to watch.

    Our convention liaison called and asked me to be part of the on-stage crowd for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights -- ever the ham, I accepted.  So I'll be getting a somewhat different view of the convention than most!

Have fun!