Republican Jewish Coalition PRESS RELEASE


Contact: Matthew Brooks
Wednesday, November 3, 2004
Washington, DC… Based on several exit polls recently released, it is clear that President Bush did substantially better among Jewish voters this year than he did in 2000. From 1992 to today we’ve seen more than a 100% increase in the Jewish Republican vote.

The trend is unmistakable:

This is a clear and irrefutable trend demonstrating continued increasing support for Republican candidates in the Jewish community.

To further highlight this point, here are some undisputed facts. It is clear that President Bush increased his share of the Jewish vote from 2000 by 32%, a substantial increase. According to available data, no other ethnic, religious, or racial group increased its support for the President by this large a percentage. Despite an unprecedented, massive effort on the part of the Democratic Party, the Kerry-Edwards campaign, and related support groups, Kerry did worse among Jewish voters than any Democratic presidential candidate in the last 12 years.

Looking to the future, we are optimistic that this trend will continue, for three reasons:

Taken together, these factors equal a positive outlook for Republicans and a troubling outlook for Democrats.