Monday, September 15, 2003

Following bus trip around the state and before formal campaign kick-off Tuesday, NH voters announce support for Edwards

MANCHESTER -  More than 150 grassroots activists announced their support for John Edwards today, adding another boost of support on the heels of positive press coverage and buzz in the two weeks since his weeklong, 40-stop bus trip around New Hampshire.

Among the endorsements are Rep. Steve DeStefano of Bow and Rep. Frank Callaghan of Rochester, as well as various local school board members, doctors, teachers, and other community leaders.

"I am honored to have these new supporters join my campaign.  I can feel the energy and excitement that's been building in the past several weeks, and I'm thrilled that it is translating into a strong grassroots organization," Senator Edwards said.

"Like their fellow Granite Staters and Americans across the nation, they are hungry for real leadership on the issues that matter to regular people.  That's why I'm excited to hold more than a hundred town hall meetings in New Hampshire before the primary, sharing my vision for how we get this economy moving again, provide health care to every child, and guarantee access to higher education for all who are willing to work for it."

Edwards has built positive buzz in the Granite State in recent weeks, resulting in several recent news stories highlighting growth in his New Hampshire campaign, like "In N.H., Edwards Getting a Closer Look," (Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe, 9/13) and "Democrats Gush Over Edwards," (Dan Tuohy, Eagle Tribune, 9/10).

The newest Edwards supporters join previously announced endorsers including State Senator Joe Foster (Nashua); Deputy Democratic Leader Sharon Nordgren (Hanover); Chairman of the Derry Board of Selectmen Paul Needham; Fmr. Cheshire County
Commissioner Greg Martin; former Dover mayors Will Boc, Jack Buckley, and George Maglaras;, New Hampshire Young Democrats President Amanda Grady; and many more.

Senator Edwards has opened five campaign offices around the state of New Hampshire and recently completed a 6-day, 26-town bus trip across New Hampshire with his family to share the ideas in his policy agenda, "Real Solutions for America," which is available online at

Edwards will formally announce his candidacy Tuesday in his hometown of Robbins, NC.  On Wednesday, he is traveling to New Hampshire to hold a town hall meeting at lunchtime in Concord at State House plaza.


 Beverly Aamot, Hanover

 Karen Aframe, Concord

 Michael Ambrosini, Peterborough

 Mark Anderson, Manchester

 Duane Armstrong, Portsmouth

 David Balinson, Manchester

 Marissa Baltus, Nashua

 Bob Bauer, Manchester

 Andrea Baver, Mont Vernon

 Andrew Baver, Mont Vernon

 Julia Beaufait, Lebanon

 Nathan Bender, Keene

 Kathleen Bove, Westmoreland

 Grace Bowser, Bow

 Stephanie Bradley-Swift, Durham

 Laura Bratz, Lee

 Eleanor Brothwell, Henniker

 Robert Brown, Concord

 Sharon Buckley, Dover

 Scott Burns, Nashua

 Rep. Frank Callaghan, Rochester

 Dorothy Callaghan, Rochester

 Babe Chagnon, Farmington

 Imogene Chagnon, Farmington

 Michael Chung, Nashua

 Jennifer Cohen, Keene

 Tyler Collins, East Rochester

 Abby Collins, Rochester

 Jack Collins, Rochester

 Lisa Conley, Manchester

 Heidi Copeland, Peterborough

 Joanne Corzilius, Nashua

 Lila Couture, Portsmouth

 Carol Crawford, Marlborough

 Shannon Cummings, Dover

 Saah Curtis, Epping

 Eileen Cusick, Exeter

 Stephen Cybulski, Penacook

 Michael Cybulski, Penacook

 Michael Dashnaw, Laconia

 Lonnie DeHart, Laconia

 Sarah Sesotell, Meredith

 Kevin Devine, Manchester

 Mary Devine, Manchester

 Sean Devine, Manchester

 Rep. Steve DeStefano, Bow

 Anna Dolan, Hampton

 Michael Dorsey, Hanover

 Alice Downer, Hampton

 Diane Dugan, Bedford

 Kevin Dugan, Bedford

 Natalia Dworianyn, Dover

 Mary Eldridge, Dover

 Jonathan Estey, Claremont

 Gloria Fletcher, Hampton

 Mary Fontaine, Rye

 John Ford, Hampton

 Pamela Ford, Hampton

 Brandon Foster, Mont Vernon

 Doris Gibbas, Somersworth

 Kathleen Givens, Durham

 Winston Grady, Londonderry

 Cynthia Greco, Keene

 Jeanette Green, Salem

 Alan Gross, Swanzey

 Jaci Grote, Rye

 Otto Grote, Rye

 Martha Hartnett, Fover

 Christopher Hemmingway, Portsmouth

 Bob Howe, Derry

 Marianne Iannuzzo, Dover

 Laurey Isanski, Hudson

 Thomas Isanski, Merrimack

 Bruce Johnson, Bedford

 Victor Kaplan, Hanover

 Nick Kassotis, Fitzwilliam

 Wayne Kassotis, Fitzwilliam

 John Kemp, Exeter

 Bob King, Derry

 Janet King, Derry

 Barbara Kuhlman Brown, Concord

 Mary Ann Lakevicius, Concord

 Brandy Landroche, Goffstown

 Fatima LaPerle, Manchester

 Rosemary LaRock, Manchester

 Joan Lax, Bow

 Michael Lax, Bow

 Wanda Lembo, Manchester

 Jennifer Lemire, Portsmouth

 Roger Lemire, Portsmouth

 Neil Lilly, Hollis

 Mike Lyons, Strafford

 Barbara Manson, Meredith

 Dan Markey, Sommersworth

 John McCooey, Dover

 Sheilagh McGreevey, Manchester

 Carrie McLeod, North Woodstock

 Judy Mitchell, Pembroke

 Mike Mohan, Swanzey

 Virginia Molay, Salem

 Patricia Moore, Laconia

 Sandra Mucci, Meredith

 Melissa Murphy, Laconia

 Dan Nelson, Hanover

 Jack Nelson, Hanover

 Dick Nordgren, Hanover

 Neal Ochs, Derry

 Hayden Odell, South Hampton

 Clair Oursler, Keene

 Marie Owen, Keene

 Alana Pahku, Nashua

 Peggy Parker, Rochester

 Greg Pearlman, Dover

 Carmen Polo, Manchester

 Jack Pross, Manchester

 Kathy Pross, Manchester

 Bea Pszonowky, Pittsfield

 Alice Purcell, Laconia

 Dan Purcell, Laconia

 Bernie Quigley, Haverhill

 Anne-Marie Reed, Rochester

 Maureen Reilly, Portsmouth

 Paul Rochelau, Keene

 Jeanette Roy, Laconia

 Judith Russell, Manchester

 Kimberly Rye, Pittsfield

 Luke Schulman, Rye Beach

 Bob Schumacher, Exeter

 Kurt Schumacher, Exeter

 Cassidy Scott, Cornish

 Dan Selule, Derry

 Christopher Seufert, Franklin

 Jane Shannon, Durham

 Tovalt Shotland, Keene

 Timothy Shurtleff, Concord

 Mark Smith, Manchester

 Margaret Sofio, Portsmouth

 Hans Stallmann, Mont Vernon

 Marylyn Stallmann, Mont Vernon

 Paul Stanish, Nashua

 Steve Stoddard, Manchester

 Elissa Stone, Portsmouth

 Mikki Tabron, Portsmouth

 Wendy Thomas, Merrimack

 Ryan Tirren, Durham

 Francine Torge, Durham

 Michael Torris, Atkinson

 Richard Turgeon, Claremont

 Robert Vaughan, Nashua

 Robert Vaughan Jr., Nashua

 Dick Wall, Nashua

 Evelyn Watts, Claremont

 H. Leslie Watts, Claremont

 Darlene Williams, Goffstown

 Greg Williams, Goffstown

 Joe Williams, Madbury

 James Zuckerman, Portsmouth