Thursday, January 29, 2004

John Winston

North Carolina senator receives the endorsement of African-American Ministers from Memphis to Chattanooga

NASHVILLE, TN: Senator John Edwards (D-NC) today proudly announced that he has received the endorsement of 19 prominent African-American ministers in the state of Tennessee.
One of those endorsing Senator Edwards today is Bishop Jerry Maynard who is the pastor of Pentecostal Tabernacle Church in Nashville and is presiding Bishop of the Fourth Jurisdiction of Tennessee that includes over 50 Church of God in Christ church that stretches from Chattanooga to Memphis.

"In my opinion, I believe Sen. Edwards demonstrates a soberness, maturity and sincerity to bring a divided America together," said Bishop Maynard. "I believe he carries inside of him what the Bible calls 'like passion.'"

Edwards, a Methodist who has co-chaired the Senate prayer breakfast, understands the importance of faith and the roles ministers play in their communities.  "I am extremely proud to have the support of Bishop Maynard, Bishop Boyd and all of these pastors," Edwards said.  "They share my positive and optimistic vision for the country, and I am honored to have them as an important part of my team in Tennessee."

Pastors listed here are endorsing Sen. Edwards Presidential campaign as individuals. The names of Churches are used for identification purpose only.

TN Pastors Supporting Senator John Edwards:

Bishop Jerry Maynard         Nashville         Pentecostal Tabernacle Church

Bishop Will Boyd           Brownsville         Faith Deliverance

Reverend Curtis Goodwin         Nashville         Watson Grove Baptist Church

Reverend William Cooper         Nashville         Miracles by Faith

Reverend William Buchanon        Nashville         Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church

Reverend Leon Corder         Nashville         Vine Hill Community Baptist

Reverend Larry Crismon         Shelbyville         Bright Temple

Dr. George Adebanjo         Nashville         Living Word Church

Reverend Fred Beasley         Columbia         Canaan AME Church

Rev. Terence L. Mayes, Sr.        Chattanooga         Bethel AME Church

Reverend Gregory Askew         Memphis         Jubilee Church

Reverend William Wright         Memphis         Liberty Church

Reverend Donald Chism         Memphis         Messiah Fellowship

Reverend J.E. Lewis         Memphis         Rehoboth Outreach Church

Reverend Thomas La Flora        Memphis         Unity Church

Reverend James McLemore         Memphis         St. Paul Church of God in Christ

Reverend Richard Brown         Memphis         McCain Church

Reverend Jessie McGee         Memphis         Temple of Grace

Reverend Ronald Rolfe         Memphis         Greater St. Mark