Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Tennessee Comes Out In Force For Edwards 

More than 200 elected officials & party leaders throw support behind North Carolina Senator following South Carolina win; Edwards wins straw polls in two rural counties this past weekend

NASHVILLE, TN: More than two hundred Tennessee elected officials and party leaders threw their support behind Senator Edwards today in the wake of his victory in South Carolina's primary. Edwards has built a strong grassroots organization across Tennessee by visiting the state more than any other candidate, and those efforts paid off when Edwards won straw polls in two rural Tennessee counties this past weekend. Edwards also announced yesterday that he would campaign in Tennessee every day until Tuesday's primary.


"I'm honored by the support of so many community leaders across Tennessee, and together, we are going to change America," said Edwards.

This past weekend, Edwards won straw polls in Polk County and Monroe County, two rural counties in Southeast Tennessee. The Polk County straw poll was run by Betty Reddnick, President of the Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women, and the Monroe County straw poll was run by Monroe County Chair Ken Miller.

Edwards has recently expanded his campaign here in Tennessee by bringing on more than a dozen new staff members and has stationed organizers across the state in Memphis, Jackson, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Northeast Tennessee, Nashville, and covering rural areas across Tennessee. On Monday, he announced that former Congressman Bob Clement will chair his Tennessee campaign.

Edwards has visited Tennessee more than any other candidate during this campaign, and he lived in Nashville for several years after marrying his wife, Elizabeth, before they returned to North Carolina. The two have now been married for 26 years. In the U.S. Senate, Edwards led the fight that passed the Patients' Bill of Rights and has fought to protect American jobs from unfair trade agreements and pushed comprehensive plans to keep our country safe from terrorism.

West Tennessee
Chad Roberts  Crockett County Activist
Joe Adams  Mayor of Newbern/Bredesen for Governor Co. Chair
Winona Brewer  "Democratic Party Vice-Chair, Dyer County"
Joetta Yarbro  "Democratic Activist, Dyer County"
Frederick Agee  Gibson County Activist
Richard Lockard  "Democratic Party Chair, Gibson County"
C.M. Randolph  Gibson County Activist
Sam Rhodes  Gibson County Activist
Cathy Hornsby  "Bredesen for Governor 2002 Chair, Hardeman County"
Steve Hornsby  "Bredesen for Governor 2002 Chair, Hardeman County"
Nancy Sipes  Hardeman County Activist
Will Boyd  "Bishop, Faith Deliverance, Haywood County"
Betsy Reid  "Democratic Party Chair, Haywood County"
Lyle Reid  Haywood County Activist
John Shannon  "Democratic Activist, Henderson County"
Bernice Crain  Lauderdale County Activist
Gladys Crain  "Bredesen for Governor 2002 Chair, Lauderdale County"
"Fetzer Mills, Jr."  "Democratic Executive Committee Member, Lauderdale County"
Rebecca Mills  Lauderdale County Activist
Donna Boren  Madison County Activist
Ricky Boren  Madison County Activist
Tammy Bradford  Madison County Activist
Jennifer Carter  Madison County Activist
Lowe Finney  "Bredesen for Governor 2002 West TN Field Rep., Madison Co."
Justin Gilbert  Madison County Activist
T. Robert Hill  Madison County Activist
Betty Hillhouse  Madison County Activist
Carolyn McDaniel  Madison County Activist
Ken McDaniel  Madison County Activist
Janeen McGlinchy  Madison County Activist
Mary Ellen Pozzebon  Madison County Activist
Phil Vannelli  Madison County Activist
Frankie Wade  Madison County Activist
Derek Boddiford  "Bredesen for Governor 2002 Chair, McNairy County"
Jeff Lipford  McNairy County Activist
Paul Simpson  "Vice Mayor of Selmer, McNairy County"
Candy Earley  Obion County Activist
Dawn Adair  Shelby County Activist
Dan Albright  Shelby County Activist
Gregory Askew  "Reverend, Jubilee Church, Shelby County"
William Brigance  "Student Activist, Shelby County"
Richard Brown  "Reverend, McCain Church, Shelby County"
Brad Carter  "Law Student, Shelby County"
Donald Chism  "Reverend, Messiah Fellowship, Shelby County"
Tammara Dean  Shelby County Activist
Rebecca Hanks  "Businesswoman, Shelby County"
Chad Jackson  Shelby County Activist
Thomas La Flora  "Reverend, Unity Church, Shelby County"
Stephen Laskaris  Shelby County Activist
J.E. Lewis  "Reverend, Rehoboth Outreach Church, Shelby County"
Marcus Lewis  Shelby County Activist
Jessie McGee  "Reverend, Temple of Grace, Shelby County"
James McLemore  "Reverend, St. Paul Church of God in Christ, Shelby County"
Irma Merrill  Shelby County Activist
Willie Merritt  "Educator, Shelby County"
Barry Meyers  Shelby County Activist
"CleArthur Morris, Jr."  Shelby County Activist
Erika J. Price  "Special Education Teacher, Shelby County"
Ron Redwing  Shelby County Activist
Ronald Rolfe  "Reverend, Greater St. Mark, Shelby County"
James Rose  Shelby County Activist
Jennifer Sanders  Shelby County Activist
Candace Schoenberger  Shelby County Activist
Chris Schoenberger  "Vietnam Veteran, Shelby County"
Myra Stiles  "Fmr. Pres. TN Federation of Dem. Women / Fmr. Election Commissioner, Shelby County"
Jim Strickland  "Former Democratic Party Chair, Shelby County"
Jeff Sullivan  "2002 Democratic Coordinated Campaign Field Representative, "
Kelley Thomas  "Law Student, Shelby County"
Mary Margaret Ware  Shelby County Activist
James Williams  Shelby County Activist
William Wright  "Reverend, Liberty Church, Shelby County"
Houston Gordon  "Former State Democratic Party Chair, Tipton County"
Roy Herron  "State Senator, Weakley County"
"Kevin Teets, Jr."  "Young Democrats Leader / Student, Weakley County"
Middle Tennessee 
Larry Crismon  "Reverend, Bright Temple, Bedford County"
Wayne LeFevers  "Bredesen for Governor 2002 Chair, Cannon County"
Jerry Hamlin  "Former County Executive, Cheatham County"
Bob Perry  "Bredesen for Governor 2002 Chair, Cheatham County"
Martha Brooke Perry  "Bredesen for Governor 2002 Chair, Cheatham County"
Daisy Hunter  "Former Democratic Party Treasurer, Clay County"
Donald Sherrell  "Teacher, Clay County"
Harlon Sherrell  "County Commissioner / Bredesen for Governor 2002 Chair, Clay County"
G. Nelson Forrester  Coffee County Activist
Carl Goodwin  Coffee County Activist
Russell Hedges  Coffee County Activist
Jane Moore  Coffee County Activist
Rick L. Moore  Coffee County Activist
Sam Rittenberry  "Democratic Party Vice-Chair / Bredesen for Governor 2002 Chair, Coffee County"
S.M. Shelley  Coffee County Activist
Dee Eastman  "Senior Upper Cumberland, Cumberland County"
Scott Humphrey  Cumberland County Activist
Anna Belle Clement O'Brien  "Former State Senator, Cumberland County"
Jacque Pugh  Cumberland County Activist
Judy Swallows  Cumberland County Activist
Judy York  "Young Democrats Advisor, Cumberland County"
Ruth York  Cumberland County Activist
Erin Young  Cumberland County Activist
Dr. George Adebanjo  "Reverend, Living Word Church, Davidson County"
Rob Briley  "State Representative, Davidson County"
William Buchanon  "Reverend, Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church, Davidson County"
Bob Clement  "Former U.S. Congressman, Davidson County"
William Cooper  "Reverend, Miracles by Faith, Davidson County"
Leon Corder  "Reverend, Vine Hill Community Baptist Church, Davidson County"
ShawnTaz Crawford  "Tennessee State University Student Body President, Davidson County"
Julie Ann Ferrell  Davidson County Activist
Mark Freeman  "Reverend / Community Activist, Davidson County"
Curtis Goodwin  "Reverend, Watson Grove Baptist Church, Davidson County"
Krystal Hairston  Davidson County Activist
Lori Kampa  Davidson County Activist
Tom Lee  Davidson County Activist
Jerry Martin  "Cooper for Congress 2002 Finance Chair, Davidson County"
Jerry Maynard  "Bishop, Pentecostal Tabernacle Church, Davidson County"
"Jerry Maynard, II"  "Civic Activist, Davidson County"
Mary Parker  Davidson County Activist
Dan Phillips  Davidson County Activist
Pam Phillips  Davidson County Activist
Melissa Rothberg  "Student, Davidson County"
Kimberly Sasser  "Bredesen for Governor State Field Director 2002, Davidson County"
Vincent Sessoms  "Urban League Manager, Davidson County"
Lacey Spivey  Davidson County Activist
Carla Stitt  "Miss Tennessee State University, Davidson County"
David Swett  Davidson County Activist
John Winston  "Democratic House Caucus Political Director 2002, Davidson County"
Michelle Winston  Davidson County Activist
Douglas Word  Davidson County Activist
David Bone  Dickson County Activist
Danny Ison  Dickson County Activist
Melba Ison  Dickson County Activist
Bo Mitchell  Dickson County Activist
Chastity Mitchell  "State Democratic Executive Committee Member, Dickson County"
John Keese  "Bredesen for Governor 2002 Chair, Franklin County"
W.E. Perry  Franklin County Activist
Faye Dotson  "Democratic Party Chair, Hickman County"
"Charlotte Staggs, Ed.D."  "State Chaplain Tennessee Federation of Democratic Women, Hickman County"
Jerry Dentson  Jackson County Activist
Edward White  "Democratic Party Chair, Lawrence County"
Fred Beasley  "Reverend, Canaan AME Church, Maury County"
Kim McMillan  "State Representative, Montgomery County"
Larry McMillan  "Bredesen for Governor 2002 Chair, Montgomery County"
Marie Bush  "Former Democratic Party Chair, Overton County"
Rick McDonald  "Democratic Activist, Overton County"
Millard Oakley  Overton County Activist
Carolyn Mitchell  Pickett County Activist
George Nicholas  "Bredesen for Governor 2002 Chair, Pickett County"
Heath Carroll  "Student, Putnam County"
Dr. Steve Copeland  "Veterinarian / Bredesen for Governor 2002 Chair, Putnam County"
Idava Beach  Rutherford County Activist
Jacob Holt  "MTSU College Democrats President, Rutherford County"
Elizabeth Matuszewski  "Student Activist, Rutherford County"
Sid Poole  Rutherford County Activist
JoAnn Whitaker  Rutherford County Activist
Mike McDonald  "State Representative, Sumner County"
Gary Prater  Warren County Activist
Phyllis Prater  Warren County Activist
Jon Faill  "Former Democratic Party Chair, Williamson County"
Maggie Faill  "Federation of Democratic Women Chair, Williamson County"
Henry Pellican  "Commander, VFW Post 4893, Williamson County"
Carinelle Humm  Wilson County Activist
John Meadows  Wilson County Activist
Emily Williams  Wilson County Activist
Keith Williams  "Bredesen for Governor 2002 Chair, Wilson County"
East Tennessee
Jean Keil  Anderson County Actuvust
Tyler Maes  "Student Activist, Anderson County"
Mae Owensby  "State Democratic Executive Committee Member, Blount County"
Tim Self  "Democratic Party Vice-Chair, Blount County"
Alex Youn  Blount County Activist
Jim Bilbo  "State Democratic Executive Committee Member, Bradley County"
Missy Bilbo  Bradley County Activist
Jimmy Logan  Bradley County Activist
Mike Holt  Grainger County Activist
Todd Chapman  Greene County Activist
Jack Combs  "Retired Lt. Tennessee Highway Patrol, Sullivan County"
Andrew Berke  Hamilton County Activist
Candy Berke  Hamilton County Activist
Marvin Berke  Hamilton County Activist
Ronald Berke  Hamilton County Activist
Michael Feely  "Minister, Hamilton County"
Margie Krahn  Hamilton County Activist
"Terence L Mayes, Sr."  "Reverend, Bethel AME Church, Hamilton County"
"James ""Bo"" Sutton"  Jefferson County Activist
Josh Buggs  "Student Activist, Knox County"
Bill Campbell  Knox County Activist
Elizabeth Clement  "Former UT Student Body President, Knox County"
Rachel Clement  "Student Activist, Knox County"
Sid Gilreath  Knox County Activist
Terry Jenkins  Knox County Activist
John Lawlor  Knox County Activist
David Leathers  "Student Activist, Knox County"
J.D. Lee  Knox County Activist
Keith Mars  "Student Activist, Knox County"
Schree Pettigrew  "President of Young Democrats, Knox County"
George Scott  Knox County Activist
Emily Singer  Knox County Activist
Dan Stanley  Knox County Activist
Jodie Swafford  "Student Activist, Knox County"
April Thompson  "Student, Knox County"
Jim West  "Pastor, Knox County"
Jerry Stephens  "Mayor of Benton, Polk County"
Ken Miller  Meigs County Activist
Ray Simmons  "Democratic Party Vice Chair, McMinn County"
Evonne Jones  "County Clerk, McMinn County"
William Killian  Marion County Activist
Randall Moss  "County Commissioner of Highways, McMinn County"
Ann Slaughter  Sullivan County Activist
Frank Slaughter  "Judge, Sullivan County"
Nathan Vaughn  "State Representative, Sullivan County"