Democratic Campaign Office in Hollywood, Florida
Early Oct. 2004--Democrats ran a campaign office at 3367 Sheridan Street in Hollywood, Florida.  Hollywood is a city of 130,000 residents located in Broward County between Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

The Hollywood Hills Democratic Club > was instrumental in helping to get the office open and running and its members provided much volunteer time.  State Rep. Eleanor Sobel was also very supportive.  

Nancy Becker, who worked as "an almost full-time volunteer" in the office from the time it opened in August 2004, noted after the election that the Democratic campaign could have started organizing earlier:  "I do know that when I called in May, 2004, to get involved in the Kerry campaign there was almost no organization in Florida and none at that point in Broward County.  In fact, no one called me back until August (after my leaving a number of messages, e-mails, etc.).  The Republican Party had been working hard for several years by then."  (8/17/05 e-mail)

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