Gephardt for President Exploratory Committee
January 4, 2003

Gephardt Establishes Exploratory Committee

Rep. Richard A. Gephardt announced today his intention to file papers on Monday, January 6, 2003 with the Federal Election Commission to form a presidential exploratory committee. St. Louis native S. Lee Kling, former Democratic National Committee treasurer and current CEO of the Kling Company will serve as the treasurer for the Committee.

“This exploratory effort will mark my intention to seek the Democratic nomination for President in 2004. I look forward to challenging President Bush and offering a distinctive choice and different direction for our domestic, economic and national security policies – a difference that will lead to a safer, more secure and more prosperous future for all Americans,”
said Rep. Gephardt.

“On nearly every issue of importance to the country – national security, the economy, health care, education, energy policy – President Bush is leading the country either down the wrong path or not leading at all. Too many unmet promises and too much empty rhetoric has left us a nation unsure of our own economic security and still vulnerable here at home to the threats we faced over a year ago on September 11th. I look forward to offering a bold set of new prescriptions to address these urgent challenges and look forward to the vigorous debate ahead.