Thirty Congressmen Endorse Gephardt for President
May 14, 2003--Many of the thirty congressmen backing Rep. Gephardt for president appeared at an event at the Phoenix Park Hotel on Capitol Hill to announce their endorsements.  Gephardt said, "I am humbled and I am heartened by this demonstration of support today."  Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi gave her support to Gephardt stating, "I know Dick Gephardt is the best candidate for President because I have worked with him every day and I have seen his commitment."  Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer stated, "One candidate has repeatedly demonstrated over two decades of service in Congress that he has the leadership skills, political acumen that our citizens should demand in this unprecedented period of economic and national insecurity and change."
Rep. David Obey (WI-7):
"I think Dick Gephardt is the single best leader I have every worked with in the Democratic party.  I ran against him for Caucus Chairman a number of years ago and halfway through the race I withdrew because I decided he was better fitted for the job and he was one of the best people I have ever seen.  And nothing he's done since has changed my mind." 
Rep. Joe Hoeffel:
"I know Dick Gephardt really well.  I've served with him in the House.  I have complete confidence in him as a person, as a man.  I trust him.  I trust his judgment.  I admire him...
My fondness for Dick, my confidence in him, just outstripped any other relation that I have with the other candidates.  All of whom are good, all of whom represent the best in our party, but I just have so much confidence in Dick and think he's such a decent guy that he's my choice."
Rep. Patrick Kennedy:
"Dick Gephardt can win this Democratic nomination and most importantly win the election.  This is about winning.  I think electorally he is the Midwestern candidate who can pick up both the blue states that Democrats already have in the Midwest that's usually the battleground; he can pick up the Iron Belt.  He's got all the organizational capacity he needs to run a first-rate campaign, and so politically he can get his message across.  And I think his message is very powerful.  And health care's always been my number one issue; I'm glad to see it's his." 
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi arrives at the Phoenix Park Hotel on Capitol Hill for the endorsement event.

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