December 8, 2003

Draft Gore Ends Campaign for the Nomination

Organization will stay active to promote Gore agenda

In response to Vice President Al Gore's decision to endorse Howard Dean for president, the Draft Gore 2004 Committee has decided to bring its year-long campaign for a Gore candidacy and draft to a close.  This was a very difficult decision for us, but we believe that continuing this effort would go against the wishes of our candidate, who is doing all he can to help unify the Democratic Party.  We agree with Mr. Gore that

"we don't have the luxury of fighting among ourselves to the point where we seriously damage our ability to win on behalf of the American people."
It is in this spirit that we will remove ourselves from this process.  But we will continue to stay active promotive Al Gore's agenda and vision for our country.

We would like to thank the many thousands of volunteers and supporters who have been the backbone of this extraordinary national grassroots movement over the past 12 months.  Your efforts have not been in vain.  We did make a difference. Together we helped bring to the forefront the issues that are important to Al Gore and which must be addressed if we're to reclaim our country in 2004.  We hope we will continue to work together in the months and years ahead to ensure that Al Gore's vision of America prevails.

We still believe that Al Gore would have been the strongest candidate in 2004 and the one best qualified to serve as president. Our polls have shown again and again how strong and broad-based his appeal is among both Democratic and independent voters across America.  But by continuing our attempt to win delegates for Gore following his endorsement and statements today, we would make consensus building more difficult and give our supporters false hopes.  Our first priority now should be the same as Al Gore's: to remove George W. Bush from office and begin to undo the horrible damage he has inflicted on our country.

Al Gore's courageous action proves once again that he will always put the interests of the country and of the party ahead of his own -- just as he did three years ago when he so gracefully conceded an election many of us believe he won.  Through his actions and forceful policy speeches, Al Gore has greatly influenced the political discourse in this country.  He is now the titular and moral leader of the Democratic Party and of the opposition movement in America.

Three years ago, in his concession speech, Al Gore said:

"Some have asked whether I have any regrets, and I do have one regret: that I didn't get the chance to stay and fight for the American people over the next four years, especially for those who need burdens lifted and barriers removed, especially for those who feel their voices have not been heard.  I heard you and I will not forget."

By remaining politically active, Al Gore is staying true to his promise.  He never forgot or ignored our struggles or those of our country and the world.  We have no doubt he will stand up for us in the years to come.  And we will stand behind him.

Draft Gore 2004