Media Blitz

ABC "20/20"

CBS "Late Show with David Letterman"

NBC "The Today Show"

CNN "Larry King Live"

PBS "The Charlie Rose Show"

NBC "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"
In conjunction with the release of Joined at the Heart: The Transformation of the American Family and the accompanying photo book Between Us: The Spirit of Family (Henry Holt, Nov. 12, 2002), Gore and wife Tipper did an extensive round of media appearances starting in mid-November.  For example, on November 19, after doing the Today show early in the morning in New York City, they boarded a plane for Los Angeles.  He quickly refreshed at the hotel and then headed to Larry King Live, where he was a few minutes late and had make up done in the chair before the two engaged the veteran talk show host.  Gore interviews on Fresh Air and The Charlie Rose Show aired the same day.  The next day he did eleven interviews with major news outlets.  The media tour continued through Gore's appearance on Saturday Night Live on December 14, and all looked set for launch of another presidential campaign.  However, the next day Gore surprised everyone by announcingon 60 Minutes he would not run.

Nov. 15--ABC: 20/20 with Barbara Walters (taped Nov. 6). 
Nov. 15--CBS: Late Show with David Letterman.

Nov. 19--NBC: The Today Show with Katie Couric.
Nov. 19--NPR: Fresh Air with Terry Gross (about 35 minutes). 
Nov. 19--CNN: Larry King Live
Nov. 19--PBS: The Charlie Rose Show.

Nov. 20/21--NPR: Morning Edition with Bob Edwards (run in two parts). 

Nov. 27--NBC: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Dec. 8--ABC: This Week with George Stephanopoulos.

Dec. 9--NPR: The Diane Rehm Show.
Dec. 9/10--CNN: Inside Politics (run in two parts).
Dec. 9--Comedy Central: The Daily Show.

Dec. 10--FOX: Hannity and Colmes.

Dec. 11--CNN: American Morning with Paula Zahn (taped Dec. 10).
Dec. 11--MSNBC: Hardball with Chris Matthews.
Dec. 11--NBC: Late Night with Conan O' Brien.

Dec. 14--NBC: Hosts Saturday Night Live.

Feature Articles
Karen Tumulty.  "The Making of a Comeback."  Time.  November 25, 2002 (on newstands Nov. 18).  Photos by Callie Shell Aurora.

Liza Mundy.  "Mr. Resident." The Washington Post Magazine.  November 17, 2002.  Photos by Andrea Bruce Woodall The Washington Post.

NBC "Saturday Night Live"
CBS "60 Minutes"