Vice President Al Gore 

New Hampshire Travel 
1 visit, 4 days
-[Former Vice President Gore had been scheduled to visit NH on October 26, 2002 but cancelled the visit because of the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone.  Planned were breakfast receptions with Mark Fernald at IBEW Local 2320 and at the Tower Cafe in Manchester and an appearance at the pumpkin festival in Keene with Katrina Swett].

-Tipper Gore was special guest at a NH House Dems event ($50 per person) in Concord, NH on May 31, 2002. 

-Former Vice President Gore visited NH on October 22-23 and 27-28, 2001.  He headlined the New Hampshire Democratic Party's "Celebrating Our Democracy" Jefferson Jackson Dinner at the Center of New Hampshire Holiday in in Manchester on October 27; the next day he did a fundraiser at a restaurant for Manchester Mayor Bob Baines.  As he had in Iowa, Gore made an unpublicized drive around the state.  On the evening of October 22, he joined Sen. Beverly Hollingworth at Lamies in Hampton (Concord Monitor).  Early the next morning, October 23, found him in Berlin; he then headed south for Concord and ended up on the Seacoast, dining with friends and supporters at the Rusty Hammer in Portsmouth (Concord Monitor).  Gore left the state on October 24 for Maine, and returned for the speech.  

More New Hampshire Activity
Contributions by Leadership '02
NH Contribs. Total Contribs. ($) to Candidates and Committees (#) in the Quarter
Year End 2001-July 10-Dec. 31, 2001 $500 to 1 
-- --
1st Q 2002 none
-- --
2nd Q 2002  $49,000 to 9
6/28/02--Shaheen for U.S. Senate ($4,000 + $5,000) $9,000
3rd Q 2002  $51,000 to 35
9/30/02--Clark for Congress
9/30/02--Katrina Swett for Congress Committee
Pre-General $10,000 to 7
Post-General none
-- --
Total $11,000 $110,500
and *
2/15/02--N.H. Senate Dem. Caucus
3/18/02--N.H. Senate Dem. Caucus
4/15/02--N.H. Senate Dem. Caucus
8/13/02--N.H. Senate Dem. Caucus
10/17/02--N.H. Senate Dem. Caucus

*Not found in FEC report; from reports filed with the NH Secretary of State's office--for GOTV Assistance (In-Kind Contribution).


As reported by the Center for Public Integrity, on Oct. 24, 2002 the Gore-Lieberman Recount Committee made disbursements of $20,000 to the New Hampshire Senate Democratic Caucus and $30,000 to the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


Leadership '02 reported co-hosting a DC event for Katrina Swett (date uncertain).

Former Vice President Al Gore held a fundraiser for Jeanne Shaheen in Los Angeles on June 5, 2002.

Leadership '02 sent about a half dozen people including political director Mona Mohib up to NH to help out Executive Council candidate John Kacavas approximately four days before that election in early 2002. 


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