Tipper Gore Statement
March 17, 2002

Over the past week, I have spoken with many Tennesseans, and of course with my family, about the possibility of becoming a candidate for the United States Senate. These conversations have been exciting and I have been truly humbled and extremely grateful for the encouragement and enthusiasm of so many good people. I want to especially thank my husband and my children for their strong and unconditional support. 
 As there is so much important work to be done in Tennessee and across our nation, I have given this possibility serious consideration. It would be such an honor to work for the people of Tennessee. However, I have decided that it is not right for me, right now, to seek to represent them in the United States Senate. 
 I am passionate about mental health and family issues and my work in these areas will continue to be my focus. I will also work to elect the Democratic nominee for the United States Senate and all our Democratic candidates.