Statement by Senator Bob Graham, D-Florida
October 6, 2003

Tonight I am announcing the end of my campaign for President of the United States.

Five months ago, I began this campaign with two goals.

The first was to be the next President of our nation. I felt the best prepared and most able Democratic candidate to be elected President. I have concluded that is not to be. A combination of factors has convinced me, reluctantly, that my dreams for the Presidency are not attainable.

My second goal was to lead this great nation to an even greater place. I am an optimist - a better America is just over the horizon. But we will not achieve that better America under President Bush. We must change the direction that this President is taking us.

So while I end my personal Presidential quest, I don't end the fight that led me to run for the Presidency in the first place. I will continue that fight with all my energy.

In Florida and across this great nation, I will continue to fight for a more secure America - an America more secure than we have been since September 11th, 2001. We must have greater homeland security, greater economic security and greater health care security.

Homeland security for all Americans is only achievable if: