To: Presidential Campaigns
From: TOM PAC, Jeff Link
Re: Hear It From the Heartland
Date:  February 13th, 2003

Hear It From the Heartland

        As you may know, Sen. Tom Harkin plans to organize and moderate a series of open meetings throughout Iowa in order to promote an open conversation between Iowa Democrats who are likely to attend their precinct caucuses and the candidates for president.  We hope youíll be able to join Senator Harkin for these events.  He is looking forward to your participation.
        The events will be paid for and organized by a federal leadership PAC, To Organize a Majority PAC (TOM PAC).  This memo serves to notify the campaigns of Sen. Harkinís plans and provide some details for the organization and structure of the meetings as well as the dates and locations.  This memo also serves as a written invitation to attend an organization meeting on Thursday, February 20, 2003.  The following list outlines the major logistical issues and should not be considered a complete or inclusive list.

Forum Information:

· Forums will be hosted by Senator Harkin with Democratic caucus attendees invited by TOM PAC.
· Forums will highlight one Presidential candidate per event.
· Forums are to be held in facilities that can hold between 100-150 people selected by TOM PAC.
· Forums will be scheduled for ninety (90) minutes.
· TOM PAC will notify the press regarding logistics of the events.
· Candidates will receive the attendee list from the event within three (3) days of the forum.


· Senator Harkin will welcome the candidate and welcome the guests.  Senator Harkin will then give brief opening remarks and introduce the presidential candidate.
· Presidential candidate will then give their remarks.  Once remarks are given, Senator Harkin will moderate a question and answer session with the audience, approximately forty-five (45) minutes
· Senator Harkin will stop the Q & A session to allow the presidential candidate five (5) minutes for closing remarks.

Forum Organizational Meeting:

1. Each campaign is invited to attend an organizational meeting on Thursday February 20, 2003 at 11:00 am.  The meeting will be held at the headquarters of the Iowa Democratic Party, 5661 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, Iowa.
2. At this meeting, the campaigns will draw by lot an envelope containing the month and corresponding location of their forum.  The schedule of events is listed below.  In addition to the drawing, we will answer questions regarding the logistics of the events.
3. This organizational meeting will be open to the press.
4. We would like each campaign to inform us in writing who their representative will be for this organization meeting by Tuesday, February 18, 2003 at the close of business.  Responses can be sent to:

    Jeff Link

5. Each month will have a pre-selected county in which the forum takes place:
Cerro Gordo
· If additional candidates join the race we will add Pottawattamie, Black Hawk, Wapello Counties as needed; forums will be added in the following order, 1 additional forum in June, July and then August.

Presidential Candidates Invited to Participate:

· Invitations will only be sent to candidates that have formally announced their intention to seek the Democratic Nomination.
· The following candidates have stated their intentions at this time:
    · Gov. Dean , Sen. Edwards, Cong. Gephardt, Sen. Kerry, Sen. Lieberman, Rev. Al Sharpton

Results of the February 20, 2003 drawing:

April (Polk) - Sen. Edwards
May (Scott) - Gov. Dean
June (Cerro Gordo) - Sen. Kerry
July (Dubuque) - Rep. Gephardt
August (Woodbury) - Rev. Sharpton
September (Linn) - Sen. Lieberman

Confirmed "Hear from the Heartland" Forums:

Sunday, April 6th - Sen. Edwards, Des Moines
Saturday May 17th - Gov. Dean, Davenport
Sunday June 22nd - Sen. Kerry, Mason City
Sunday July 13th - Rep. Gephardt, Dubuque
Tuesday, August 5th - Rev. Sharpton, Sioux City
Sunday, September 21st - Sen. Lieberman, Cedar Rapids

Drawing held and invitations out to:
Sen. Graham - June (Pottawattamie)
Rep. Kucinich - July (Wapello)
Amb. Braun - August (Black Hawk)