Human Rights Campaign "Speaking of Equality" Presidential Forum
July 17, 2003--Seven of the nine Democratic candidates participated in the Human Rights Campaign's "Speaking of Equality" forum, viewed by a live audience of about 600 people and also presented on C-SPAN.  Moderator Sam Donaldson kept the candidates on their toes with questions focused on gay marriage/civil unions and on gays in the military.  In advance of the forum the HRC released results of a questionnaire which all nine candidates answered.
"These candidates all want the same goal.  I think that's the news.  The news today is a forum like this has never happened, that on a huge number of issues the candidates agree.  It really shows the time we're living in.  And what you see them struggling with--they all want to give equal rights and benefits and protections to gay couples and their families--what they're struggling with is how do you do that legally and what would be the path to do that.  But it is remarkable that they all want to do that." 

"I think the news today is that what is remarkable is you have seven out of nine of these candidates turning up for a gay presidential forum and more than that that that they are all well along the path to providing equal rights to gay and lesbian Americans and their families and again you have this complexity about how to get there."
                                                              -Elizabeth Birch 
                                                                Exec. Director, Human Rights Campaign

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