National Urban League Candidates' Forum
Photo Courtesy National Urban League.
Pittsburgh, PA, July 31, 2003-- National Urban League president Marc H. Morial (second from right) and National Urban League Board Chair and Pitney Bowes Chairman and CEO Michael J. Critelli (far right) with Democratic hopefuls Gov. Howard Dean, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, Amb. Carol Moseley Braun, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, and Rev. Al Sharpton backstage before the candidates' forum at the League's 2003 annual conference.  Sen. John Edwards and Rep. Dick Gephardt also participated.  George Curry, editor and chief of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, moderated the forum.  Candidates appeared on stage one at a time.  Each delivered a five-minute opening statement. Curry then asked the candidate two questions, prepared by the Institute of Opportunity and Equality, and the candidate had up to two minutes to respond to each of those.  President Bush spoke to the conference earlier in the day.  webcast

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