Economy/Economic Growth

"Saving for America's Future" -- University of New Hampshire, Manchester, NH - Oct. 22, 2003.

Dean - Campaign Website: Rebuilding America's Economy
"Reclaiming the American Dream" -- Georgetown University, Oct. 16, 2003.
"More Jobs for America" -- Plumbers and Steamfitters, Des Moines, IA - July 30, 2003.

Edwards - Campaign Website: Energizing the Economy
Speech at FORTUNE Global Forum, Washington, DC - Nov. 12, 2002.

Gephardt - Campaign Website: Economic Fairness, Economic Growth
Gephardt has framed his health care plan (April 23, 2003) as an economic stimulus plan.

Graham - Campaign Website: Economy
Opportunity for All: Bob Graham's Plan for America's Economic Renewal-July 16, 2003.

Kerry - Campaign Website: Restoring Jobs and Rebuilding Our Economy
Speech to the Whittemore School of Business at UNH in Durham, NH on August 28, 2003.
Economic Speech -The City Club of Cleveland, Dec. 3, 2002

Kucinich - Campaign Website: Economic Justice

Lieberman - Campaign Website: Growing the Economy and Expanding Opportunity, Joe's Jobs Tour
Reviving American Manufacturing-Diversified Optical, Salem, NH, July 18, 2003.
Fighting Poverty, Creating Opportunity-New Democrat Network, June 17, 2003.
Growing the Innovation Economy: A New Strategy for A New Prosperity-UC San Diego, May 28, 2003.

Moseley Braun -

Sharpton -

Bush - Campaign Website: The President's Economic Security Agenda  White House Website: Jobs & Economic Growth

General Links
Economic Briefing Room (U.S. Census Bureau)
Economy at a Glance (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Overview of the Economy (Bureau of Economic Analysis)
Consumer Confidence Index (The Conference Board, Inc.)
National Debt Interest on the National Debt (Bureau of Public Debt--U.S. Dept. of the Treasury)
U.S. Department of Commerce

The National Debt Clock at 42nd Street and 6th Avenue in New York (photo late July 2003).

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