Foreign Policy and National Security

"New American Strategies for Security and Peace" Center for American Progress - October 28, 2003

Dean - Campaign Website: Securing America at Home & Abroad
"Fulfilling the Promise of America: Meeting The Security Challenges of the New Century"  The Pacific Council, Los Angeles, CA - Dec. 15, 2003
"Restoring American Leadership: A New Direction for American Foreign Policy" Council on Foreign Relations, Washington, DC - June 25, 2003
"Defending America's Values - Protecting America's Interests" Drake University - Feb. 17, 2003

Edwards - Campaign Website: Foreign Policy
Speech on Foreign Policy and Terrorism at Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC - Oct. 7, 2002

Gephardt - Campaign Website: Israel
"A Renewed Commitment to Global Leadership," Foreign Policy, March-April 2003.

Graham - Senate Website: Foreign Affairs, Defense

Kerry - Campaign Website:  Foreign Policy
"Making America Secure Again: Setting the Right Course for Foreign Policy" Council on Foreign Relations New York, NY - Dec.  03,  2003
Foreign Policy Speech at Georgetown University - January 23, 2003

Kucinich - Campaign Website: International Issues, Military/Defense Issues

Lieberman - Campaign Website: Iraq, Israel and the Middle East - Senate Website: Foreign Affairs, Foreign Affairs/Defense
"Responsibility, Opportunity, and Community," Foreign Policy, March-April 2003.

Moseley Braun -

Sharpton -

Bush - Campaign Website: National Security  White House Website: National Security

Council on Foreign Relations - Campaign 2004: Foreign Policy in the Presidential Election

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