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January 6, 2004
Contact: Stephanie Cutter, 202-x, Laura Capps, 515-x
State Rep. Doug Struyk and Local AFSCME President Join Long List of Prominent Iowans Backing Kerry
Kerry Changing the Minds of Activists, Many Switch from Dean to Kerry
Des Moines, IA– Going against the backing given to Howard Dean by her union, AFSCME Local 231 President Sarah Little of Cedar Rapids endorsed John Kerry for President today. Iowa Representative Doug Struyk of Council Bluffs threw his support behind Kerry as well today, after publicly supporting Joe Lieberman.
The announcements comes on the heels of Kerry’s four-day visit in Iowa that included the Des Moines Register debate and a major speech outlining his plan to build an economy that works for the American people again.
“Kerry is showing Iowans energy and passion and that he is going after every vote.  By caucus night, his doggedness will pay off in this state,” said State Rep. Doug Struyk. “I also believe veterans in Iowa appreciate the tough battles Kerry fought to give them the basic quality health care they deserve.  My father is a veteran and Kerry has done more than any other candidate to improve the quality of veterans’ lives across this country.”
State Rep. Doug Struyk, a small business owner, is the 26th state legislator to endorse John Kerry. Kerry has the support of over a third of the Democratic Caucus in the Iowa Legislature, which is more than double that of any other candidate.
“In the past few weeks, John Kerry has given Iowans real plans and a real vision, not just a list of things George Bush has done wrong.  He is proving to be the one candidate who is offering answers, not just anger,” said AFSCME Local 231 President Sarah Little. “Kerry has been on the side of working Americans, of fair wages, of decent jobs, of collective bargaining and the side of justice.”
AFSCME Local 231 President Sarah Little joins a long list of labor leaders who have endorsed John Kerry across the state. (See attached list.)
Several prominent activists today switched their support to Kerry from Dean. Iowans that “dated Dean” but today “married Kerry” include:
   ·         Mary and Jake Ingvolstad, Activists, Cedar Rapids
   ·         Eric Langston, son of County Supervisor Linda Langston, Cedar Rapids
   ·         Fran Jeffers, Activist, Decorah
   ·         Chris Sowa, Activist, Decorah
   ·         Chip Lowe, Attorney, Des Moines
Last month, Jodi Ewing, Monona County Vice Chair and former Iowa House candidate; Beth Ferree, an activist from Panora; Ann Klees Allamakee County Chair; and Dave Hogan, President of Carpenters Local 308 in Cedar Rapids announced their switch from Dean to Kerry.
The pledge of support by these battle-tested democratic activists reflect the strength and depth of Kerry’s operation in Iowa and will translate into significant mobilization of caucus-goers.
Central Labor Councils:
• Mike Herman, President, North Iowa Nine Central Labor Council (Mason City)
• Justin Shields, President, Hawkeye Central Labor Council (RWDSU, Cedar Rapids)
• Rod Klein, President, Southwest Central Labor Council (AFSCME, Council Bluffs)
• Sue Pamperin, Vice President, Quad Cities Labor Federation (AFGE, Davenport)
• Carl Robey, President, Dubuque Central Labor Council (AFSCME)
Building Trades:
• Ray Dochtermann, President, Cedar Rapids Building Trades Council (Cedar Rapids)
• Joe Luense, Business Agent, IBEW 405
• Jim Germaine, Business Agent, Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 125
• Raymer Brogan, Business Agent, Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 125
• Kurt Brunner, Political Director, Heartland Regional Council of Carpenters
• Dave Hogan, President, Carpenters Local 308 (Cedar Rapids)
• Bret Vesey, Business Agent, Carpenters Local 308 (Cedar Rapids)
• Keith Hartman, President, Carpenters Local 2704 (Dubuque)
• Jim Decker, Business Agent, Carpenters Local 767 (Ottumwa)
• Willy Sloan, Business Agent, Carpenters Local 1835 (Waterloo/Mason City)
Letter Carriers:
• Tom Reisdorf, Past President, Letter Carriers Branch 257 (Dubuque)
• Don Bailey, President, Mailhandlers Local 353 (Waukee)
• Lee Thielman, E-board member, APWU (Des Moines)
American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE):
• Randy Donnelly, President, AFGE Local 2119 (Davenport)
• Lonnie Brackett, President AFGE Local 1226 (Knoxville)
• Tom Neal, President, AFGE Local (Des Moines)
Service Employees International Union (SEIU):
 • Mark Otto, Activist, SEIU Local 199 (Clinton)
American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME):
• Ed Martin, District Vice President, Council 61; President, Local 2991 (Glenwood)
• Sherri Breckenridge, Vice President, Council 61 (Newton)
• Steve Cotter, President, AFSCME Local 3013 (Polk County)
• Sarah Little, President, AFSCME Local 231 (Cedar Rapids)
• Janet Hansen, AFSCME Local 2993 (Cherokee)
• Angie Barnes, AFSCME Local (Des Moines)
United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW):
• Braulio Pereyra, Vice President, UFCW Local 1149
• Roger Blietz, Secretary/Treasurer, RWDSU Local 110
Communication Workers Association (CWA):
• Mark Rocha, President, CWA Local 7102 (Des Moines)
United Auto Workers (UAW):
• Robert Forbes, Consumer Affairs Chair, UAW Local 783 (Marshalltown)
Iowa State Education Association (ISEA):
• Peggy Becker is President of the Dubuque Education Association (DEA)
• Judy Schmidt - Executive Board member of Dubuque Education Association (DEA)
• Gerald Ott – Former Executive Director of New Iowa Schools
• Kevin Ericson, Uniserv President, Mid-Iowa ISEA
• Lynne Eckhart, President, Mason City Education Association