October 9, 2003


Des Moines, IA -  John Kerry announced his “Kerry Commanders” in Iowa today – a group of distinguished Iowans who are mobilizing support for his campaign across the state.  Endorsers include 21 state legislators (double that of any other candidate), key public officials, long time democratic activists, and leaders from important constituency groups including labor, veterans, environmentalists, and teachers.

The team is led by Chair Jerry Crawford, Honorary Chair Gene Thorson, and ten Co-Chairs: State Representative Swati Dandekar, former State Representative Willie Glanton. Democratic activist Teri Goodmann, President of the North Iowa Nine Labor Council Mike Herman, former VP of the Iowa Democratic Party Virginia Hood,  State Senator Jack Kibbie, Chair of the Board of the Iowa Environmental Council David Hurd, President of the Hawkeye Labor Council Justin Shields, Scott County Recorder Rita Vargas, and Iowa College Democratic President Grant Woodard.

The Kerry Commanders also include an impressive group of Iowa leadership from across the state.  This leadership group will organize in their communities -- both locally and within their constituencies -- and will act as surrogates, amplifying the strength of John Kerry’s candidacy.  Teri Goodmann of Dubuque said, “John Kerry is the best leader our country can elect to lead us into this century. He is the only candidate who has the national security experience and a lifetime fighting for Democratic issues.  Furthermore, I think he is our best shot at beating Bush. Period “

“I am honored to have the support of these distinguished and committed leaders and to have them a part of my Iowa team” said John Kerry. “They represent Iowans from all across the state and each in their own right has already demonstrated an extraordinary ability to garner grassroots support, win elections, and champion the issues that Iowans care about.  We are moving into the final stretch with a leadership line-up that is solid, energized and ready to work.”

Representative Dandekar said, “I am proud to be named a state co-chair of John Kerry’s campaign in Iowa.  After September 11, the politics in the United States changed and we can no longer afford to have a president who needs on the job training.  Senator Kerry is the only candidate with in depth knowledge about both domestic and foreign policy issues.  He will bring back respect and honor to the United States in our global community.”

                     State Chairs

                      Jerry Crawford   Attorney, Polk County
                      Gene Thorson   John Kerry Crewmate in Vietnam, Honorary State Chair, Story County

                     State Co-Chairs

                      Swati Dandekar   State Representative, Linn- Dist 36
                      Willie Glanton   Former State Representative, Polk County
                      Teri Goodmann   Dem Party Leader, Dubuque County
                      Mike Herman   President, North Iowa Nine Labor Council, Cerro Gordo County
                      Virginia Hood   Former Vice President of Iowa Democratic Party, Woodbury County Activist
                      David Hurd   President of the Board for Iowa Environmental Council, Polk County
                      Jack Kibbie   State Senator-Assistant Minority Leader-Dist 4, Palo Alto County
                      Mary Mascher   State Representative - Assistant Minority Leader, Johnson County-Dist. 77
                      Justin Shields   President, Hawkeye Labor Council, Linn County
                      Grant Woodard   President, Iowa College Democrats, Powesheik County

                     State Leadership

                      Brent Appel    Former Congressional Candidate, Former Deputy Attorney General, Warren County
                      Andra Attebury    Former State Representative, Delaware County
                      Tom Baccam    Leader in Des Moines Asian American Community, Polk County
                      Don Bailey    President, Mail Handlers Local 353, Waukee City Councilmember
                      Jan Bauer    Story County Dem Party Chair
                      Terry Baxter    Harrison County Sheriff
                      Linda Beatty    Former State Representative, Warren County
                      Paul  Bell    State Representative - Jasper- Dist 41
                      Deborah Berry    State Representative, Black Hawk - Dist 22
                      Dennis Black    State Senator - Jasper- Dist 21
                      Rick Blindt    President IAFF Local 607, Lee County
                      Connie Boesen    Des Moines School Board Member
                      Harry Bookey    Business and Civic Leader, Polk County
                      Tim Bottaro    Former Iowa Deputy Attorney General, Woodbury County
                      George Boykin    Woodbury County Supervisor
                      Pat Brown    Key Democratic Business Leader and Mary Greeley Hospital Board
                      Kurt Brunner    Political Director, Heartland Regional Carpenters
                      Jane Burleson    Webster County City Council
                      Leland Carmichael     Mayor of Villisca and Montgomery County Supervisor
                      Clayton "Bus" Carmody    Mayor of Colo, Story County
                      Dale  Cheney    Retired Chair for UTU Local 1277, Cerro Gordo County
                      Mel Clothier     Shelby County Activist
                      Richard Coffman    School Board President and Jail Administrator, Keokuk County
                      Angela Connolly    Polk County Supervisor
                      Michael Connolly    State Senator - Dubuque- Dist 14
                      Susan Conroy    Former Candidate for State Representative, Keokuk County Chair
                      Jim  Cooper    Former State Representative, Lucas County
                      Stephen Dailey    Jasper County Chair
                      Jim Decker    Business Manager, Carpenters Local 410, Wapello County
                      Rick Dickinson    Former State Representative, President of Greater Dubuque Development Council
                      Ray Dochterman    President of Iowa City/ Cedar Rapids Building Trades, Linn County
                      Bob Dodder    State Dem Party Central Committee Member, Pottawattamie County
                      Pam Duffy    Dallas County Activist
                      Shelly Escobedo   Webster County Activist
                      Bill Fink    Former State Senator, Warren County
                      Ann Fitzgibbons    Dickinson County Chair
                      Bob Forbes    Former CAP Chair, UAW Local 893
                      Shirley Frisk    Former Democratic Party Chair, Hamilton County
                      Zeke Furlong    College Democrats President, University of Northern Iowa
                      Willie Glanton    Former State Representative, Polk County
                      Jeanine Grady    Former County Chair, Marshall County
                      Jane Greimann    State Representative - Story- Dist 45
                      Rex Gross    Former Story County Supervisor
                      Keith Hartman    President, Carpenters & Joiners Local 2704,Dubuque County
                      Jack  Hatch    State Senator - Polk-Dist 33
                      Betty Haviland    Story County Activist
                      Doug Haviland    Story County Activist
                      Lisa Heddens    State Representative - Boone, Story-Dist 46
                      Megan Heneke    College Democrats President, University of Iowa
                      Dave Hill    Retired Chair for Bureau of Locomotive Engineers Division 117
                      Elizabeth Horton-Plasket    Former Executive Director of the Iowa Environmental Council, Polk County
                      Randy Hughes    Former State Representative, Union County
                      Peggy  Huppert    Former Polk County Chair & Executive Director of Chyrsylis
                      David Hurd    Founder and Chair of the Board of the Iowa Environmental Council, Polk County
                      Pam Jochum    State Representative - Dubuque- Dist 27
                      Gary Kendell    Warren County Attorney
                      Cathy Kern    Former County Chair, Johnson County
                      Dave Kirchner    Benton County Activist, and Former Law Enforcement Officer
                      Rev. Rogers Kirk    Pastor Third Missionary Baptist Church, Davenport
                      Linda  Langston    Linn County Supervisor
                      Martin Larsen    Chickasaw County Sheriff
                      Larry Larson    Former Story County Supervisor
                      Russ  Lett    Former State Central Committee Member
                      Jean Lloyd Jones    Former State Senator, Johnson County
                      Eric Manternach    Dubuque County Supervisor
                      Nick Maybanks    President of Iowa City Sierra Club, Johnson County
                      Matt McCoy    State Senator - Polk- Dist. 31
                      Debbie Neustadt    Sierra Club, Polk County
                      Jo  Oldson    State Representative-Polk-Dist 61
                      Ed O'Leary    Retired Letter Carrier, Webster County
                      Bob Osterhaus    State Representative - Clinton, Jackson- Dist 25
                      Kim Painter    Johnson County Recorder
                      Nancy Parrott    Jasper County Recorder
                      Braulio Pereyra    Vice-President of UFCW Local 1149, Marshall County
                      Phyllis Peters    Former State Central Committee, Former Story County Chair
                      Janet Petersen    State Representative - Polk- Dist 64
                      Virginia Petersen    Polk County Activist
                      Dawn Pettengil    Mayor of Mt. Auburn,  Benton County
                      Irvin Pfab    Former Iowa City Councilmember, Johnson County
                      Laurel Phipps    Former State Commander, VFW, Marshall County
                      Gina Pippert    1st Vice-Chair, Unit 10, UAW local 893
                      Tom Powers    President, IAFF Local 66, Black Hawk County
                      Steve Price    Member, Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 125, Lee County
                      Brian Quirk    State Representative - Assistant Minority Leader, New Hampton-Dist. 15
                      Jack  Reed    President, IPFF, Wapello County
                      Lauren Reese   President of Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty and Hills School Board, Johnson County
                      Tom Reisdorf    Past President, National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 257,  Dubuque County
                      Armando Rosales   State Dem Party Central Committee Member, Cass County
                      Bob Rush   Attorney, 2 time Congressional Candidate, Linn County
                      John Sarcone    Polk County Attorney
                     Wayne Sawtelle   President, IAFF Local 16, Marshall County
                     Molly Scherrman    Former Iowa State University Dems President
                     Mark Smith    State Representative - Marshall-Dist 43
                     Steve Sovern    Former State Senator, Linn County
                     Betty Steffen   Former County Chair, Chickasaw County
                     Roger Stewart    State Senator - Clinton, Dubuque, Jackson-Dist 13
                     Terry Stewart    Member, IAFF Local 353,   Dubuque County
                     Sally Stutsman    Johnson County Supervisor
                     Roger Thomas    State Representative-Clayton, Delaware, Fayette-Dist 24
                     John Tuttle   Warren County, Former Warren County Dem Chair
                     Steve Warnstadt    State Senator - Woodbury-Dist 1
                     Bob Weeks   Madison County Supervisor
                     Roger Wendt   State Representative - Woodbury-Dist 2
                     Pat White    Johnson County Attorney
                     Peggy Whitworth   Executive Director of Brucemore, Linn County
                     David Winterton   Social Worker, Warren County
                     Brent Wynja   Story County Dem Party Vice Chair
                     Joel Yates    Attorney, Keokuk County