For Immediate Release
January 25, 2004

Contact: Mark Kornblau  or Stephanie Cutter

More Gephardt and Undecided Activists in New Hampshire Choose John Kerry

Manchester, N.H. ­ Today, John Kerry thanked ten New Hampshire state leaders and activists for joining his campaign.

New Hampshire State Representatives Ben Baroody of Manchester, Maryann Blanchard of Portsmouth, Peter Franklin of Claremont, Deanna Rush of Pembroke, Manchester Alderman Mark Roy, Nashua Alderman Marc Plamondon, former State Representative John Sarette of Goffstown, Manchester School Board member Dave Gelinas, Manchester Democratic activist Pauline Ikawa, and Goffstown Democratic activist Sara Sarette of Goffstown all announced their support of Kerry for President this morning.

“I am proud to have earned the support of these New Hampshire activists,” said John Kerry.  “It is very encouraging to stand with so many residents of the Granite State as we move towards the primary.  With their help we will earn the trust of more and more New Hampshire voters as we continue the fight for every last vote in the state.”

Former Gephardt supporters who announced their support for John Kerry today are:
   ·         State Representative Ben Baroody, Manchester
   ·         State Representative Maryann Blanchard, Portsmouth
   ·         State Representative Deanna Rush, Pembroke
   ·         Alderman Marc Plamondon, Nashua
   ·         Alderman Mark Roy, Manchester
   ·         Democratic Activist Pauline Ikawa, Manchester

The following individuals who announced their support for John Kerry today were previously undecided:
   ·         State Representative Peter Franklin, Claremont
   ·         Former State Representative John Sarette, Goffstown
   ·         School Board Member Dave Gelinas, Manchester
   ·         Democratic Activist Sara Sarette, Goffstown,

Over the past few days, prominent Gephardt supporters who endorsed John Kerry for President include:
   ·         John Hoar, President of the NH Association for the Elderly
   ·         State Representative John DeJoie, Concord, Firefighter
   ·         Gabby Daneault, Allenstown, former State Representative
   ·         Peter Flood, Merrimack, environmental leader and former candidate for Congress
   ·         Jackie Flood, Merrimack activist
   ·         Bill McCann, former State Representative, former school board Chair, State Committee member, 2002 candidate for executive council
   ·         Maurine Duval, Manchester, Democratic Activist
   ·         State Representative Eric Palangas, Manchester, Firefighter
   ·         State Representative Roland Lefebrve, Nashua
   ·         Eddie DuBlois, Berlin, President of PACE Local
   ·         Greta Moran, Merrimack, Chair of Merrimack Democrats
   ·         Betty Thibodeau, Seabrook, Chair of Seabrook Democrats
   ·         Ken Leidner, Concord, prominent Veteran
   ·         State Representative Nancy Scovner, Enfield
   ·         Bob Guest, Lebanon, former State Representative
   ·         Janet Fortnam, Concord, former State Representative
   ·         Jeanette Belanger, Berlin
   ·         Dennis Adams, Hampton, Secretary—Treasurer of the NH Building Trades Council
   ·         Mark Bodi, Manchester, Democratic activist
   ·         Ann Bourque, Manchester, former State Senator and former Alderman
   ·         Jennifer Brown, Dover, Democratic State Committee Member
   ·         Ron Chagnon, Farmington, Strafford County Commissioner
   ·         George Disnard, Claremont, former State Senator
   ·         John Early, Manchester, Democratic activist
   ·         Paul Grenier, Berlin, City Councilor and Coos County Commissioner
   ·         John Hynes, Portsmouth, City Councilor
   ·         Bev Ingersoll, Berlin, City Councilor
   ·         Steve Johnson, Manchester, former Executive Council candidate
   ·         Jacqueline Johnson, Manchester, Democratic activist
   ·         John Kacavas, Manchester, former State Representative
   ·         Chris Kehas, Manchester, former School Board member
   ·         Debra Kudalis, Nashua, State Representative
   ·         Paul McEachern, Portsmouth, State Representative and former Democratic nominee for Governor
   ·         J.P. Nadeau, Portsmouth, former Rockingham County Democratic Committee Chair
   ·         Justin Nadeau, Portsmouth, Democratic activist
   ·         Deborah Pignatelli, Nashua, former State Senator
   ·         Michael Pignatelli, Nashua, former Alderman
   ·         Frank Reidy, Manchester, former State Representative
   ·         Helen Reidy, Manchester, Democratic activist
   ·         Hank Thibeault, Manchester, Alderman
   ·         Mary Beth Walz, Bow, Democratic activist
   ·         Mary Whitehead, Merrimack, Democratic activist