FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                      Contact: Mark Kornblau
Date: January 22, 2004                                                                                              Stephanie Cutter

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1445 and Additional 17 Prominent Former Gephardt Supporters Announce for John Kerry in the Granite State
Joining the 25 former Gephardt Supporters in NH who Declared Yesterday
MANCHESTER, N.H. – John Kerry today welcomed the support of Local 1445 of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) and an additional 17 leading supporters from Dick Gephardt’s presidential campaign.  Yesterday, 25 Gephardt supporters in New Hampshire signed up with John Kerry’s campaign for president, making the total number of Gephardt backers who have moved to support Kerry so far 42.
UFCW Local 1445 represents more than 17,000 working people and their families in northeastern New England, 700 of them in New Hampshire. Its members work in department stores, food processing, banking industry, health care profession, manufacturing industry and supermarkets across the region.  The UFCW national had endorsed Gephardt for president.
“Local 1445 has known Senator Kerry for many years.  We know firsthand his active, unwavering commitment to our members – to all workers and their families in New England,” said UFCW Local 1445 President Richard Charette.  “John Kerry has always stood with working families, stood up to special interests and worked hard to ensure greater fairness for all
American workers.  We’re very grateful for his courage on these issues and are delighted to offer him our support.”
“I am proud to have earned the support of these New Hampshire activists and workers,” John Kerry said today.  “I promise New Hampshire and America that I will continue to fight for working Americans, against special interests, to create a better tomorrow for us all.  Dick Gephardt has served as a leader in that fight, and it is very encouraging to have the support of so
many of his Granite State backers as we move towards the primary.”
The former Gephardt supporters who announced their support for John Kerry today are:

     John Hoar, President of the NH Association for the Elderly
     Representative John DeJoie, Concord, Firefighter
     Gabby Daneault, Allenstown, former State Representative
     Peter Flood, Merrimack, environmental leader and former candidate for Congress
     Jackie Flood, Merrimack activist
     Bill McCann, former State Representative, former school board Chair, State Committee member, 2002 candidate for executive council
     Maurine Duval, Manchester, Democratic Activist
     Rep. Eric Palangas, Manchester, Firefighter
     Rep. Roland Lefebrve, Nashua
     Eddie DuBlois, Berlin, President of PACE Local
     Greta Moran, Merrimack, Chair of Merrimack Democrats
     Betty Thibodeau, Seabrook, Chair of Seabrook Democrats
     Ken Leidner, Concord, prominent Veteran
     Representative Nancy Scovner, Enfield
     Bob Guest, Lebanon, former State Representative
     Janet Fortnam, Concord, former State Representative
     Jeanette Belanger, Berlin

Prominent Gephardt supporters who announced their support of John Kerry for President yesterday include:

     Dennis Adams, Hampton, Secretary—Treasurer of the NH Building Trades Council
     Mark Bodi, Manchester, Democratic activist
     Ann Bourque, Manchester, former State Senator and former Alderman
     Jennifer Brown, Dover, Democratic State Committee Member
     Ron Chagnon, Farmington, Strafford County Commissioner
     George Disnard, Claremont, former State Senator
     John Early, Manchester, Democratic activist
     Paul Grenier, Berlin, City Councilor and Coos County Commissioner
     John Hynes, Portsmouth, City Councilor
     Bev Ingersoll, Berlin, City Councilor
     Steve Johnson, Manchester, former Executive Council candidate
     Jacqueline Johnson, Manchester, Democratic activist
     John Kacavas, Manchester, former State Representative
     Chris Kehas, Manchester, former School Board member
     Debra Kudalis, Nashua, State Representative
     Paul McEachern, Portsmouth, State Representative and former Democratic nominee for Governor
     J.P. Nadeau, Portsmouth, former Rockingham County Democratic Committee Chair
     Justin Nadeau, Portsmouth, Democratic activist
     Deborah Pignatelli, Nashua, former State Senator
     Michael Pignatelli, Nashua, former Alderman
     Frank Reidy, Manchester, former State Representative
     Helen Reidy, Manchester, Democratic activist
     Hank Thibeault, Manchester, Alderman
     Mary Beth Walz, Bow, Democratic activist
     Mary Whitehead, Merrimack, Democratic activist

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