Tuesday, March 18, 2003 
                    73 N.H. Democratic Activists Endorse John Kerry Today

                    MANCHESTER – An additional 73 New Hampshire Democratic activists threw their support behind
                    John Kerry’s campaign for President today, including two former Democratic nominees for

                    Among those endorsing John Kerry today are Tom Cooper, Concord, legal counsel to former Gov.
                    Hugh Gallen; Michael Hall, Concord, Democratic activist; Ned Helms, former chair of the
                    Democratic State Committee; Sally Helms, Concord, Democratic activist; Bob Larsen, Concord,
                    Democratic activist; James McConoha, Concord, Democratic Network leader and Concord
                    Democratic Committee member; Malcolm McLane, former Mayor of Concord and former Executive
                    Councilor; Valery Mitchell, Concord, Democratic Network leader and former Concord Democratic
                    Committee member; Todd Quinn, Contoocook, chief of staff to House Democratic Leader Peter
                    Burling; Apiar Saunders, Hopkinton, Democratic activist; Gail Wolek, Concord, former Concord
                    Democratic Committee member; Cinde Warmington, Gilford, Democratic activist.

                    Larry Kelly, Berlin, vice chair of the Coos County Democrats; Susan Almy, Lebanon, State
                    Representative; Luke Fleming, Lebanon, Democratic activist; Wayne King, Rumney, former State
                    Senator and Democratic nominee for governor; Janos Marton, Hanover, Dartmouth College
                    Student Body President; Lilla McLane-Bradley, Hanover, founder of the Upper Valley Community
                    Foundation; Perry Williamson, Hanover, former fundraiser for Arnie Arnesen.

                    Kevin Hampsey, Jaffrey, chair of the Jaffrey Democrats; Bill Riley, Francestown, former State
                    Representative; Leo Balzano, Nashua, Nashua Democratic Committee member and former
                    candidate for State Representative; Lucien Bergeron, Nashua, former State Senate nominee and
                    former State Representative; Maya Blanchette, Manchester, Democratic activist; Benjamin
                    Clemons, Nashua, Democratic State Committee member; Patty Cornell, Manchester, vice chair of
                    the Manchester Democrats and secretary of the Hillsborough County Democrats; Rik Cornell, vice
                    chair of the Manchester Ward 12 Democratic Committee; David Cote, Nashua, State
                    Representative; Carolyn Cottrell, Bedford, Democratic activist; Tim Decker, Manchester, former
                    president of the State Employees Association; George DerKoorkanian, Manchester, treasurer of
                    the Hillsborough County Democrats; Mostafa El-Sherif, Bedford, Democratic activist; Suzan
                    Franks, Nashua, former State Representative and former Nashua Alderman; Murray Grant,
                    Manchester, Democratic activist; Peter Hutchins, Manchester, former State Senate nominee; Bill
                    Marot, Milford, Milford Democratic Committee member; Patricia Morris, Manchester, veteran
                    Democratic campaign worker; Mary Ouellette, Nashua, former State Representative; Marilyn
                    Peterman, Amherst, Democratic State Committee member and former Amherst Selectman;
                    Benjamin Pignatelli, Nashua, Democratic activist; Jeff Richardson, Nashua, former candidate for
                    State Representative; Joan Schulze, Nashua, State Representative; Matthew Sheaff, Manchester,
                    founder of Democracy Matters, St. Anselm’s College; Chris Spirou, Manchester, former chair of the
                    Democratic State Committee, former House Democratic Leader, former Democratic nominee for
                    Governor; Robert M. Walsh, Jr., Democratic activist; Ellen Wheatley, Manchester, Democratic

                    Elaine Ahearn, Hampton Falls, chair of the Hampton Fall Democrats; Samuel Clark, Exeter,
                    Democratic activist; James Devine, Sandown, Timberlane School Board member and former State
                    Senate nominee; Eileen Foley, Portsmouth, former Mayor of Portsmouth; Maggie Hassan, Exeter,
                    former Democratic nominee for State Senate; Alan Hoffman, Londonderry, Democratic activist;
                    Marilyn Hoffman, Londonderry, Bradley delegate to the 2000 DNC convention; Chip Moynihan,
                    Hampton, State Democratic Committee member; Maryann Moynihan, Hampton, Democratic
                    activist; Lenore Patton, Hampton, co-chair of the Hampton Democratic Committee; Mary Tetreau,
                    Londonderry, former candidate for State Representative; Phil Tetreau, Londonderry, Democratic
                    activist; Bill Verge, Plaistow, Plaistow Town chair; former Democratic nominee for Congress and
                    former chair of the Rockingham County Democrats.

                    Wayne Burton, Durham, former State Representative; Irene Callahan, Dover, Dover Democratic
                    Committee member; Robert Callahan, Dover, Dover Democratic Committee member; Fred Catalfo,
                    Dover, former Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate; Hiram Connell, Somersworth, Democratic
                    activist; Paul Ferland, Rochester, former State Representative; Maya Glos, Barrington, Barrington
                    Democratic Committee member; Roland Hofeman, Dover, Dover City Councilor; John Joyal,
                    Somersworth, Democratic activist; Beth Mahoney, Rollinsford, Democratic activist; Alex Nossif,
                    Dover, Mayor of Dover; Stefany Shaheen, Durham, Democratic activist; Ted Walsh, Barrington,
                    Barrington Democratic Committee member; and Craig Welch, Durham, Democratic activist.

                    “I am going to take my message of making the American economy stronger, providing access to
                    quality health care, preserving our environment and ensuring we are secure both at home and
                    abroad, door-to-door, neighbor-to-neighbor. I am humbled and energized to have the early
                    commitment of so many New Hampshire Democratic leaders and activists, who are experts in the
                    art of New Hampshire grass-roots politics,” said John Kerry.