From the January 13, 2004 Kerry for President, Inc. press release "John Kerry Earns Support From Key New Hampshire
Activists: Kerry Builds Momentum As Primary Approaches"

The full list of steering committee members follows:
North Country Steering Committee

     Jeanne Boisseau, Bethlehem; Board Vice President of the Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network
     Larry Boisseau, Bethlehem; Member of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 131
     Yvonne Coulombe, Berlin; Former Mayor of Berlin
     Norm Charest, Dummer; Director of Economic Development for the Tri-County CAP
     Lee Dube, Milan; Former President of IAFF Local 1088
     Ray Dube, Berlin; Vice President of IAFF Local 1088
     Larry Enman, Errol; Chair of Errol Town Democratic Committee
     Robert Fink, Lancaster; Secretary of Coos County Democratic Committee and Lancaster Town Democratic Chair
     Bill Hatch, Gorham; Business Manager of Currier Auto Dealers
     Rob Jewett, Berlin; President of IAFF Local 1088
     Larry Kelly, Berlin; Vice Chair of Coos County Democratic Committee and Berlin Town Democratic Chair
     Bryan Lamirande, Milan; AFSCME Council 93 Staff Representative
     Lloyd Murray, Stark; Owner of White Mountain Chalet
     Rep. Dick Poulin, Berlin; State Representative
     Dan Record, Berlin; Vice Principal of Hillside Elementary School
     Charlie Ricardi, Twin Mountain; Democratic Activist
     Paul Robitaille, Gorham; Chair of Coos County Democratic Committee, PACE Member
     Patti Stolte, Berlin; Director of Main Street Program

Concord Steering Committee

     Richard Adams, Hillsborough; Veteran, Democratic Activist
     Heather Barber, Hopkinton; Professor at the University of New Hampshire
     Dorothy Bazos, Bow; Democratic Activist
     Katie Belgard, Deerfield; Concord High School Student
     Robert Burns, Concord; Democratic Activist
     Arnie Burdick, Warner; Health Care Professional
     Susan Calegari, Northfield; Hart 1988 Campaign Director and Bradley 2000 Deputy Director
     Alice Chamberlin, Warner; Chair of New Hampshire Nature Conservancy and Member of New Hampshire
     Democratic State Committee
     Bill Christie, Concord; Prominent Attorney
     Scott Clay, Contoocook; Democratic Activist
     Candy Dale, Concord; Faculty Member at St. Paul’s School (She is actually the Dean of the Faculty)
     Claudia Damon, Concord; President of Concord School Board
     Betsy Donnelly, Pittsfield; Democratic Activist (Student at NHTI)
     Dave Emerson, Canterbury; Democratic Activist (Shakers style woodworker)
     Anne Emerson, Canterbury; Democratic Activist
     Nick Forge, Franklin, Franklin High School Student
     Rep. Barbara French, Henniker; State Representative
     Kathy Fuller, Franklin; President of the School Board
     Chris Gallagher, Concord; Co-Chair of Bill Clinton’s New Hampshire Presidential Campaign
     Clayton Gasset, Franklin; Former Mayor of Franklin and City Councilor
     Betsy Gates, Pembroke; Democratic Activist
     Keith Gates, Pembroke; Democratic Activist
     Emily Gilbert, Concord; High School Student
     Kate Goegel, Canterbury; Democratic Activist
     John Goegel, Canterbury; Veteran and Teacher
     Ned Helms, Concord; Former Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic State Committee, Former Candidate for
     Governor, former head of New Hampshire Health and Human Services
     Sally Helms, Concord; Democratic Activist
     Larry Hennessey, Franklin; Franklin Town Democratic Chair
     June Iffland, Bow; Democratic Activist
     Harold Janeway, Webster; Former Chair of New Hampshire Nature Conservancy and Society for the Protection of
     New Hampshire Forests
     Frank Jones, Bow; deputy Sheriff, Hillsborough County, adjunct Professor New England College
     Irene Kelly, Chichester; Student at Bishop Brady High School
     Sally Kelly, Chichester; Democratic Activist
     Ann McLane Kuster, Hopkinton; Attorney and Women’s Leader
     Sen. Sylvia Larsen, Concord; Senate Democratic Leader
     Tillie Lemire, Franklin; Former State Representative
     Glenn Liebert, Concord; Democratic Activist
     John Lilly, Franklin; Quarter Master of the Franklin V.F.W.
     Joanne Linden, Hopkinton; Democratic Activist
     David Liberatore; Northfield; Democratic Activist
     Jen Lucic, Concord; Democratic Activist
     Robert Lucic, Concord; Attorney at Sheehan, Phinney, Bass & Green
     Bob MacLellan, Henniker; Teacher at Londonderry Middle School
     Brenda MacLellan, Henniker, Teacher at Kearsarge High School
     John Malmberg, Concord; Attorney at Orr & Reno
     Thomas Matzke, Franklin; Former Mayor of Franklin and business owner
     Jim McConaha, Concord; Former Democratic State Committee Member and Historic Preservationist
     Scott McGuffin, Tilton; Prominent Attorney
     Hon. Malcolm McLane, Concord; Former Mayor of Concord and Former Executive Councilor
     Katherine Mitchell, Contoocook, Concord High School Teacher
     Valery Mitchell, Concord; Head of Concord New Democratic Network and Former State
     Terry Murray, Henniker; media professional
     Sarah Parker, Boscawen; Democratic Activist
     Rep. Randy Perkins, Franklin; State Representative
     Gary Peters, Andover; Democratic Activist
     Jeanette Peters, Andover; Democratic Activist
     Todd Quinn, Hopkinton; Chief of Staff for New Hampshire House Democrats
     Beth Rodd, Bradford; Former State Representative
     Mark Rouvalis, Concord; Legal Counsel for New Hampshire Democratic State Committee, 1997-2002
     Jim Ryan, Henniker; Head of Think Dynamic New Hampshire
     Charles Sheridan, Concord; Ward Democratic Vice Chair
     Stephen Shurtleff, Concord; Former United States Marshall
     David Sutherland, Concord; Democratic Activist
     John Swope, Concord; Former CEO of Chubb Insurance
     Marjory Swope, Concord; Concord City Council
     Katherine Mitchell, Concord; Teacher at Concord High School
     Bethany Tarbell, Concord; Democratic Activist
     Pam Tarbell, Concord; Democratic Activist Artist
     Marsha Turner, Concord; Retired Teacher and Democratic Activist
     Dan Viederman, Concord; Democratic Activist
     Mary Jo Viederman, Concord; Democratic Activist
     Jae Whitelaw, Concord; Attorney and Democratic Activist

Derry / Londonderry Steering Committee

     Ed Boutin, Chester; General Counsel, Londonderry Housing and Redevelopment Authority; Former General Counsel,
     Town of Derry
     Donald Burgess, Derry; Democratic Activist
     Brian Cashman, Londonderry; Former Candidate for State Representative
     James Devine, Sandown; Sandown Town Democratic Chair and Former Sandown School Board Member
     Mike Dolan, Derry; IBEW Leader
     Larry Gil, Plaistow; Member of Plaistow Board of Selectmen
     Gordon Graham, Derry; Former Chair of the Derry Town Council
     Barbara Hobbs, Plaistow; Former Chair of Plaistow Board of Selectmen
     Marilyn Hoffman, Londonderry; Former Chair of Londonderry Democratic Committee
     Margie Ives, Derry; Former Chair of Derry Democratic Committee
     Linda McCarthy, Derry; Retired Nurse and former AFSCME Member
     Dan Mitchell, Derry; Secretary of the Derry Democratic Committee and Teacher
     Julia Parodi¸ Derry; English Teacher at Pinkerton Academy
     Jim Reinhardt, Londonderry; Co-Chair of Londonderry for Kerry and Co-Chair of Derry-Area Veterans for Kerry
     Grace Reisdorf, Derry; Former Chair, New Hampshire School Boards Association and former Derry School Board
     Martha Sumner, Plaistow; Member of Plaistow Board of Selectmen
     Mary Tetreau, Londonderry; Former Candidate for State Representative
     Bill Verge, Plaistow; Former Democratic Nominee for Congress and former Rockingham County Democratic
     Committee Chair
     Anne Warner, Londonderry; Former Democratic State Committee Member
     Greg Warner, Londonderry; Former Democratic State Committee Member

Strafford County Steering Committee

     Carole Appel, Dover; Chair of Strafford County Democratic Committee and Secretary of New Hampshire Democratic
     State Committee
     Joan Ashwell, Durham; Democratic Activist
     Terry Bennett, Rochester; Former US Senate Candidate
     Rep. Roger Berube, Somersworth; State Representative
     Joan Burkholder, Madbury; Chair of Madbury Democratic Committee
     Wayne Burton, Durham; President of North Shore Community College
     Fred Catalfo, Dover; Former Democratic nominee for US Senate
     Hiram Connell, Somersworth; Democratic Activist
     Rep. Irene Creteau, Rochester; State Representative
     Joanne Dodge, Dover; Seniors Advocate and Community Activist
     Sen. Iris Estabrook, Durham; State Senator
     Maya Glos, Barrington; Educator and Democratic Activist
     Bob Hannan, Dover; Chair of New Hampshire Veterans for Kerry and Former Administrator of New Hampshire
     Veterans Administration
     Jean Henry, Lee; Democratic Activist
     Rep. Roland Hofemann, Dover; State Representative
     Rep. Naida Kaen, Lee; State Representative
     Rep. Bill Knowles, Dover; State Representative
     Kathy Latchaw, Dover; NEA Member and Teacher
     Ken Latchaw, Dover; Head of Dover High School Vocational Center
     Ann MacKinnon, Lee; Democratic Activist
     Carol Mulligan, Strafford; Democratic Activist
     Hon. Alex Nossif, Dover; Mayor of Dover
     Fred Ross, Dover; Head of New Hampshire Seacoast NAACP
     Rep. Emma Rous, Durham; State Representative
     Hon. Janice Rundles, Lee; Strafford County Attorney
     Louis Ryan, Middleton; Democratic Activist
     Bill Shaheen, Madbury; Former US Attorney, Chair of New Hampshire for Kerry, and Chair of Gore and Carter
     campaigns in New Hampshire
     Hon. Jeanne Shaheen, Madbury; Former Governor and Chair of John Kerry for President
     Rep. Judith Spang, Durham; State Representative and Environmental Leader
     Ted Walsh, Barrington; Democratic Activist
     David Watters, Dover; Former Chair, Strafford County Democratic Committee

Cheshire County Steering Committee

     Joannie Berriman, Keene; Business Leader
     James Best, Keene; Democratic Activist
     Tom Britton, Keene; Former Cheshire County Democratic Committee Chair
     Harriet Charland, North Swanzey; Democratic Activist
     David Davis, Keene; CEO of Precitech
     Irene Davis, Keene; Democratic Activist
     Christian Demers, Keene; Keene State Student Activist
     Jim Doyle, Walpole; Small Business Owner
     Beth Doyle¸ Walpole; Small Business Owner
     Judy Draper, Jaffrey; Educator
     Councilman Randy Filiault, Keene; Keene City Councilor, Ward 2
     Len Fleischer, Keene; Educator
     Al Gader; Keene; Veteran and Democratic Activist
     Carol Gader, Keene; Democratic Activist
     Lynda Hathaway, Stoddard; Democratic Activist
     Eric Jackman, Rindge; Rindge High School Activist
     Nancy Jacob, Keene; Democratic Activist
     Hon. Robert Johnson, Hinsdale; Hinsdale Selectman
     John Jordan, Hancock; Democratic Activist
     Gree Jordan, Keene; Democratic Activist
     Molly Kelly, Keene; Former Chair of New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Women
     Tom Lawless, Antrim; Democratic Activist
     Sandy MacKenzie, Nelson Village; Environmental Leader
     Hon. Bob Mallat, Keene; Former Mayor of Keene and Former Executive Councilor
     John McKenna, Dublin; Democratic Activist
     Donna Jean Miller, Fitzwilliam; Democratic Activist
     Steve Pacheco, Marlborough; Small Business Owner
     Nancy Paquin, Keene; Arts Community Activist
     Phyllis Pittet, Keene; Arts Community Activist
     Michael Redmond, Jaffrey; Democratic Activist
     Bob Richards, Walpole; Local Leader of Veterans for Kerry
     Hon. Pat Russell, Keene; Former Mayor of Keene
     Tony Rzeczycki, Jaffrey; Educator and Democratic Activist
     Lucy Shonk, Dublin; Educator and Democratic Activist
     Jake Skinner, Marlborough; Veteran and Democratic Activist
     Ken Swift, Keene; Local Leader of Veterans for Kerry
     Kathy Thatcher, Chesterfield; Environmental Leader
     Jon Thatcher, Chesterfield; Healthcare Professional
     John Vance, Antrim; Democratic Activist
     Greg Vine, Rindge; Democratic Activist
     Jen White, Keene; Educator and Democratic Activist
     Tom White, Keene; Educator and Democratic Activist
     Tim Wilder, Fitzwilliam; Keene State Student Activist
     Viki Williams, Greenfield; Democratic Activist
     Steve Zielonko, Hinsdale; Democratic Activist
     Laura Zielonko, Hinsdale; Democratic Activist

Lakes Region Steering Committee

     Ronald Carrier, Laconia; Former Vice Chair of Laconia Democratic Committee
     Mary Frost, Gilford; Democratic Town Chair of Gilford
     Hon. Matt Lahey, Laconia; Former Mayor of Laconia
     Dan Jordan, Tilton; IBEW Local 490
     Hon. Sid Lovett, Holderness; Former State Representative and former Democratic Nominee for State Senate
     Hon. Wayne King, Rumney; Former State Senator and Democratic Nominee for Governor
     Kevin MacMillan, North Conway; Former Democratic State Committee Member
     Mel O’Connor, Plymouth; Community Activist
     Wendy Palm, Wolfeboro; Wolfeboro Town Democratic Chair
     Roger Palm, Wolfeboro; Democratic Activist
     Charlie St. Clair, Laconia; Executive Director of Laconia Motorcycle Week and Community Activist
     Jack Townsend, Bridgewater; Former Candidate for State Representative
     Cinde Warmington, Gilford; Prominent Attorney and Democratic Activist
     Jody Young, Rumney; 2000 Candidate for State Representative

Upper Valley Steering Committee

     Rep. Susan Almy, Lebanon; State Representative
     Robert Ashton, Hanover; Business Leader and Democratic Activist
     Sen. Clif Below, Lebanon; State Senator
     Rep. Bernie Benn, Hanover; State Representative and Chair of Hanover Democratic Committee
     Rep. Ruth Bleyler, Lyme; State Representative
     Barney Brannen, Lyme; 2000 Democratic Nominee for Congress, Attorney, and Environmental Leader
     Jayne Buckley Sykes, Lebanon; Democratic Activist
     Sheila Buckley, Hanover; Retired Foreign Service Officer
     Hon. Marion Copenhaver, Hanover; Longtime Former State Representative
     Emily Duncan, Hanover; Environmentalist and Democratic Activist
     Jim Heffernan, Hanover; Professor at Dartmouth College
     Jean Hennessey, Hanover; Former Democratic National Committee Member and longtime leader of Upper Valley
     Barbara Jones, Lebanon; Graphic design and Democratic Activist
     Susan Kellogg, Lebanon; Chiropractor and activist
     Janos Marton, Hanover; President of Dartmouth College Student Body
     Roger Masters, Lebanon; Professor at Dartmouth College
     Lilla McLane-Bradley, Hanover; Longtime Democratic Activist
     Bill Sharp, Lebanon; Secretary of the Lebanon Democratic Committee
     George Sykes, Lebanon; Chair of Lebanon Democratic Committee and Lebanon Deputy Fire Chief
     Flobert Tanga, Lebanon; Medical Researcher and Democratic Activist
     Perry Williamson, Hanover; Longtime Democratic Activist

Manchester Steering Committee

     Dick Anagnost, Manchester; Manchester Region Developer
     Gerry Angoff, Bedford; Surgeon at Catholic Medical Center
     Roz Angoff, Bedford; Business Leader
     Mayor Bob Baines, Manchester; Mayor of Manchester
     Brenda Beer, Auburn; Auburn Town Democratic Chair
     Carolyn Benthien, Goffstown; Business Leader
     Randy Benthien, Goffstown; Business Leader
     Dan Calegari, Deerfield; Business Leader and Hart Campaign Leader in ’84 and ‘88
     Clare Callaghan, Manchester; Democratic Activist
     Dan Callaghan¸Manchester; Former Democratic State Committee Treasurer and Bill Bradley 2000 Steering Committee
     Rep. Bill Clayton, Manchester; State Representative and Firefighter
     Patty Cornell, Manchester; Manchester Water Commissioner, Vice Chair of Manchester Democrats and Gore 2000
     Delegate to the Democratic National Convention
     Rik Cornell, Manchester; Manchester Ward 12 Democratic Vice Chair
     Carolyn Cottrel, Bedford; 2000 Candidate for State Representative
     Richard Denton, Manchester; Manchester Ward 2 Democratic Chair
     George DerKoorkanian, Manchester; Treasurer of the Hillsborough County Democratic Committee
     Jean Durning, Manchester; Manchester Ward 3 Democratic Vice Chair
     Hon. Jeff Duvall, Manchester; Former State Representative and Fire Fighter
     Kelly Dwyer, Manchester; Former Educator and Environmental Activist
     Peter Favreau, Manchester; Former Manchester Police Chief
     Joan Flurey, Manchester; Manchester Ward 7 Democratic Chair
     Jim Freiburger, Manchester; Professor at Southern New Hampshire University and Community Activist
     Gerry Hanauer, Bedford; Democratic Activist
     Jean Jeudy, Manchester; Head of Manchester Haitian Community Center
     Ralph Lavalee, Goffstown; Former Goffstown Postmaster
     Hon. Bill Riley, Francestown; Former State Representative
     Bev Teach Wiegler, Goffstown; Environmental Activist
     Ellen Healy, Manchester; President of the Manchester Education Association
     Joe Keefe, Manchester; Former Chair of the State Democratic Committee and former Democratic nominee for
     Tom King, Manchester; Former Manchester Chief of Police
     Aline Lotter, Manchester; Former Chair of the New Hampshire Sierra Club
     Karen McGonagle, Manchester; Educator
     Dave Nixon, Manchester; Prominent Attorney and Veteran
     Alan Reische, Manchester; Partner at Sheehan, Phinney, Bass & Green
     Joan Reische, Manchester; Women in Transition Board Member and Democratic Activist
     Nancy Richards-Stower, Merrimack; Clinton 1992 Delegate to the Democratic National Convention
     Carol Scott, Manchester; Manchester School Board Member
     Ald. George Smith, Manchester; Manchester Alderman
     Joan Stevens, Goffstown; Director of Community Health at Elliot Hospital
     Robert Walsh, Manchester; Former Democratic State Committee Member
     Ellen Wheatley, Manchester; Democratic Activist

Nashua Steering Committee

     Andrea Amodeo-Vickery, Amherst; Prominent Local Attorney
     Mike Atkins, Lyndeborough; Prominent Local Attorney
     Hon. Lucien Bergeron, Nashua; Former State Representative and Democratic Nominee for State Senate
     Alderman Steve Bolton, Nashua; 2003 Democratic Nominee for Mayor, and Nashua Alderman At-Large
     Helen Cady, Milford; Veteran and Democratic Activist
     Ben Clemons, Nashua; State Committee Member
     Rep. Jane Clemons, Nashua; State Representative and Chair of Nashua Democratic Committee
     Mike Clemons, Nashua; Nashua School Board Member and Assistant Principal at Manchester Central High School
     Rep. David Cote, Nashua; State Representative
     Hon. Jim Donchess, Nashua; Former Mayor of Nashua, former Democratic Nominee for Congress, former delegate
     to Democratic National Convention
     Larry Finkelstein, Hollis; former candidate for State Representative
     Hon. Suzan Franks, Nashua; Former State Representative, former Alderman-at-large, and former candidate for State
     Jim Grant, Peterborough; Democratic Activist
     Lillian Grant, Peterborough; Democratic Activist
     John Knowles, Hudson; Hudson School Committee member and former Hudson Democratic Chair
     Maryann Knowles, Hudson; Vice Chair of Hillsborough County Democratic Committee
     Bill Marot, Milford; Veteran, Democratic Town Committee Member
     Larry McGonagle, Nashua; Democratic Activist
     Stephen Nodvin, Nashua; Published Environmentalist, High School Teacher and College Professor
     Scott O’Connell, Amherst; Prominent Local Attorney
     Hon. Mary Ouellette, Nashua; Former State Representative and former candidate for State Senate
     Marilyn Peterman, Amherst; Democratic State Committee Member and Chair of Amherst Democratic Committee
     John Pendleton, Nashua; Attorney and Democratic Activist
     Sarah Pendleton, Nashua; Democratic Activist
     Lara Rice, Nashua; Community Activist and Domestic and Sexual Violence Victim Advocate
     Gail Robinson, Peterborough; Democratic Activist
     Victor Schulze, Nashua; Veteran, Secretary and Clerk of Nashua Democratic Committee
     John Shepardson, Wilton; Environmental Leader
     William Shutt, Hudson; Democratic Activist
     Daniel TwoEagles, Wilton; Democratic Activist and Environmental Leader
     Joe Whelton, Nashua; Former Chair of the Nashua Democratic Committee

Seacoast Steering Committee

     Elias Abelson, Portsmouth; Democratic Activist and Vietnam Veteran
     Nick Aeschilman, Portsmouth; Democratic Activist
     Lea Aeschilman, Portsmouth; Former Public Utilities Commissioner
     David Ahearn, Hampton Falls; Treasurer of Hampton Falls Town Democratic Committee
     Elaine Ahearn, Hampton Falls; Chair of Hampton Falls Democratic Committee
     Ellen Bennett, Portsmouth; Democratic Activist
     Dick Caravati, Portsmouth; Community Activist and Vietnam Veteran
     Rep. Kim Casey, East Kingston; State Representative
     Hon. Martha Fuller Clark, Portsmouth; Two-time Democratic Nominee for Congress and former longtime State
     Sen. Burt Cohen, New Castle; State Senator and Candidate for US Senate
     Lea Downer, Hampton; Treasurer of Hampton Town Democratic Committee
     Eileen Flockhart, Exeter; 2002 Candidate for State Representative
     Hon. Eileen Foley, Portsmouth; Former Senate Democratic Leader and Former Mayor of Portsmouth
     Joe Grandmaison, Rye; Former Chair of Democratic State Committee and Clinton Delegate to Democratic National
     Maggie Hassan, Exeter; Candidate for State Senate and Attorney
     Donna Herrmann, Exeter; Democratic Activist
     Hon. Bev Hollingworth, Hampton; Former State Senate President and Candidate for Governor
     Pati Kuziomko, New Castle; Democratic and Environmental Activist
     Fran Lane, Newfields; Democratic Activist
     Dave Lang, Hampton; President of Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire
     Sandy Mitchell, Kensington; Former Candidate for State Representative
     Chip Moynihan, Hampton; Democratic State Committee Member
     Paul Ossenbruggen, Newmarket; Professor of Civil Engineering at UNH
     Gary Patton, Hampton; Co-Chair of the Hampton Town Democratic Committee
     Lenore Patton, Hampton; Democratic State Committee Member

Salem Steering Committee

     Russ Boland, Pelham; President of the Salem Firefighters Union
     Kevin Breen, Salem; Salem Fire Fighter
     Martha Breen, Salem; Member of Salem School Board
     Dan Breton, Salem; Former Democratic State Committee Member and Captain of Salem Fire Deparment
     Jack Brouse, Salem; Teacher at Salem High School
     Al Collins, Salem; Long-time Democratic Activist
     Monique Donovan, Winham; Prominent Attorney
     George Fleming, Atkinson; Democratic Activist and Veteran
     Matt Groch, Salem; Student Council President of Salem High School
     Frank Gruber, Salem; Democratic Activist
     Sue Harden, Pelham; Teacher at Pelham Elementary School
     Hon. Stephanie Micklon, Salem; Salem Selectwoman and Former State Representative
     Dick O’Shaughnessy, Salem; Former Barron School Principal and Secretary of the Salem Democratic Committee
     Joe Rizzo, Windham; Democratic Activist
     Hon. Freda Smith, Salem; Former State Representative and Activist in the Disabilities Community

Claremont-Area Steering Committee

     Fred Andersen, Claremont; Democratic Activist
     Allen Damren, Claremont; Former Chair of George W. Bush’s 2000 Campaign in Sullivan County
     Ann DeLucia, Washington; Retired Nurse
     Rep. Tom Donovan, Claremont; State Representative and Vietnam Veteran
     Dave Edkins, Walpole; Charlestown Town Manager
     Carroll French, Langdon; Democratic Activist and Korean War Veteran
     Jane Harland, Claremont; Former State Representative
     Judith Kauffman, Cornish; Democratic Activist
     Derek Lick, Sutton; Democratic Activist
     Ricia McMahon, North Sutton; Clinton Campaign 1992 State Director
     Amy Robb, Claremont; Former State Representative
     Bill Scoble, New London; College Professor
     Hon. Chris Shaban, Claremont; Former Mayor of Claremont