For Immediate Release
November 11, 2003




Manchester, New Hampshire – Vietnam Veteran John Kerry today released a list of over 400 New Hampshire Veterans for Kerry (below) and welcomed fellow Vietnam Veteran and former U.S. Senator Max Cleland to New Hampshire to campaign on his behalf.
Cleland served in the Vietnam War, earning a bronze star and a silver star for gallantry in action. In the 1970’s, as the youngest VA Administrator in history, Cleland helped institute “The Vets Center” which for the first time offered psychological counseling to combat veterans to heal the emotional wounds of war. Cleland’s 2002 Senate Campaign received national attention when his candidacy and his patriotism were unfairly attacked by President Bush the GOP. Cleland was recently appointed to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.

Veterans for Kerry Steering Committee Leadership:

Hon. Bill Shaheen
 New Hampshire Chair, John Kerry for President
Mr. Robert Hannan
 New Hampshire Chair, Veterans for Kerry
Mr. Paul Camacho
 Concord Regional Co-Chair
Mr. Stephen Shurtleff
 Concord Regional Co-Chair
Mr. James Reinhardt
 Derry Regional Co-Chair
Mr. Gregory Warner
 Derry Regional Co-Chair
Mr. Wayne Burton
 Dover Regional Co-Chair
Mr. Kenneth Latchaw
 Dover Regional Co-Chair
Mr. Robert Richards
 Keene Regional Co-Chair
Mr. Kenneth Swift
 Keene Regional Co-Chair
Mr. Jeffrey Gaudet
 Lakes Regional Co-Chair
Mr. John Townsend
 Lakes Regional Co-Chair
Mr. William Donoghue
 Manchester Regional Co-Chair
Mr. Tom Lewry
 Manchester Regional Co-Chair
Mr. David Nixon
 Manchester Regional Co-Chair
Hon. Lucien Bergeron
 Nashua Regional Co-Chair
Mr. William Marot
 Nashua Regional Co-Chair
Mr. Daniel TwoEagles
 Nashua Regional Co-Chair
Mr. Joseph Whelton
 Nashua Regional Co-Chair
Mr. Norman Perkins
 North Country Regional Chair
Mr. George Fleming
 Salem Regional Co-Chair
Mr. Charles Mooskian
 Salem Regional Co-Chair
Mr. Elias Abelson
 Seacoast Regional Co-Chair
Mr. Dick Caravati
 Seacoast Regional Co-Chair
Mr. Howard Shaffer
 Upper Valley Regional Chair

Veterans for Kerry

Paul Caradonna, Atkinson
William Connell, Atkinson
Peter Leonardos, Atkinson
Charles Polizzotti, Atkinson
Paul R. White, Atkinson
Raymond Valliere, Barnstead
Dick Latour, Barrington
Gerald Angoff, Bedford
Edward Basquill, Bedford
Marilyn Broderick, Bedford
V. Giambartolomei, Bedford
Francis Lanouette, Bedford
Francis Lanquette, Bedford
Ed Bergeron, Berlin
Mark Chapman, Berlin
Francis Gendron, Berlin
Herbert Gilbert, Berlin
Paul Godin, Berlin
Paul Kluchnick Jr., Berlin
Joseph Mulligan, Berlin
J.P. Poirier, Berlin
John Roberge, Berlin
George Stanley, Berlin
Henry Drapeau, Bethlehem
Frank Jones, Bow
Roger Cantlin, Canaan
David Clouatre, Candia
John Goegel, Canterbury
Paul Carroll, Charlestown
Tom Donovan, Claremont
Thomas Ainsworth, Concord
David Bates, Concord
Patricia Britton, Concord
Robert Brunelle, Concord
Herbert Church Jr., Concord
Michael Clements, Concord
Harold Cooks, Concord
Margaret Cote, Concord
Gabriel Dahood, Concord
Charles Dinger, Concord
Paul Dombrowski, Concord
Bill Douillette, Concord
John Falvey Jr., Concord
Edgar Helms, Concord
William Klapproth Jr., Concord
F. Ellen Knowlton, Concord
John Lavalley, Concord
Jim McConaha, Concord
David Merrill, Concord
Richard Merrill, Concord
Betsy Milianes, concord
Frank Mitchell, Concord
Paul O'Connor, Concord
Clement Quintiliani, Concord
Clay Ratcliff, concord
Robert Vallieres, Concord
Anne Warwick, Concord
Peter Hooghkirk, Conway
Richard Marshall, Dalton
Roger Yacopucci, Deerfield
Robert Gahringer, Deering
Samuel Akins, Derry
Peter Doyle, Derry
Dave Dyson, Derry
Robert Gober, Derry
Kenneth Hamer, Derry
Wayne Jacques, Derry
Joseph Marston, Derry
Roger Poulin, Derry
Kenneth Putney, Derry
Stanley Ratay, Derry
Jim Alty, Dover
Kenneth Appel, Dover
James Atly, Dover
Baldwin Domingo, Dover
Dom Domingo, Dover
James Gaudet, Dover
Charles George, Dover
Mckinley Grobes Jr., Dover
Lois Hofemann, Dover
Roland Hofemann, Dover
Charles Hyde, Dover
William Knowles, Dover
Richard La Pierre, Dover
Robert McGloan, Dover
Kevin Mone, Dover
Kevin Quigly, Dover
Fred Ross, Dover
Martin Smith, Dover
William Wishart, Dover
John Vance, Dublin
Ernest Holm, Dunbarton
Alfred Bogle, Durham
Richard Downs, Durham
Earl Hagstrom, Durham
Donald Lent, Durham
John Knudsen, East Hampstead
Ben Sceggell, East Hampstead
Richard Remmy, East Kingston
Tadd Drumm, Errol
Nelson Doucette, Exeter
Richard Herrmann, Exeter
Tony Woody, Exeter
John Graham, Franconia
Lawrence Hennessy, Franklin
Lawrence Hennessy Jr., Franklin
Tilly Lemire, Franklin
John Lilly, Franklin
Ernest Mahar, Franklin
Thomas DeSisto, Gilford
Gary Liptak, Gilford
Peter Casey, Gilmanton
Ralph Lavallee, Goffstown
Stanley Piecuch, Goffstown
Richard Poehlman, Goffstown
Agustus Ventura, Goffstown
Ronald Dalphonse, Gorham
Norman Gagnon, Gorham
Bill Hatch, Gorham
Paul Magnon, Gorham
Paul Wilson, Groveton
Paul Brennan, Hampstead
Anthony Ferranti, Hampstead
Jacqueline Ferranti, Hampstead
Edward Kidder, Hampstead
Francis Mahoney, Hampstead
Norman Fecteau, Hampton
Dick Johnson, Hampton
William Silva, Hampton
Donald Keene, Hampton Falls
Varujan Boghosian, Hanover
Clinton Gardner, Hanover
Ruth King, Hanover
Howard Nicholson, Hanover
John Williamson, Hanover
Richard Adams Sr., Hillsborough
Daniel O'Connor, Hooksett
Thomas Thibeault, Hooksett
Esther Boucher, Hudson
Raymond Drouin, Hudson
Daniel Dube, Hudson
Mark Gelarderes, Hudson
Leo Hudon, Hudson
John Knowles, Hudson
Kenneth Moore, Hudson
James Myers, Hudson
William Shutt, Hudson
Harvey Vaillancourt, Hudson
William Erisman, Ipswich
Robert Stammers, Jaffrey
Chandler Chute, Keene
Philip Croteau, Keene
Robert Donovan, Keene
Randy Filiault, Keene
Richard Gader, Keene
John Gordon Jr., Keene
John Hanrahan, Keene
George Hill Jr., Keene
Francis Lafreniere, Keene
Lionel Lortie, Keene
Richard Shovan, Keene
Andre Villeneuve, Keene
Francis Warman, Keene
Ed Kneeland, Kingston
Robert Whitney, Kingston
Lorenzo Belanger, Laconia
James Chassie, Laconia
Joyce Dyrsten, Laconia
Robert Giguere, Laconia
David Grenier, Laconia
Raymond Guyer, Laconia
Norvin Laubenstein, Laconia
James Lettieri, Laconia
Norman Roy, Laconia
Paul Visco, Laconia
Carroll Dave French, Langdon
Carman Deuso, Lebanon
Brigid Stiller, Lebanon
Jack Lacey, Litchfield
Joseph Kevlin, Lochmere
Dennis Boivin, Londonderry
Rose Mary Bruno, Londonderry
Harvey Grondin, Londonderry
David Martin, Londonderry
Charles Shapiro, Londonderry
Roger Delli Colli, Lyman
Michael Atkins, Lyndeborough
Manuel Mello, Lyndeborough
Christos Argeropoulos, Manchester
Roger Boisvert, Manchester
Edward Bolton Sr., Manchester
James Bresnahan, Manchester
Angelo Camberis, Manchester
Bob Cobb, Manchester
David Connor, Manchester
C. Richard Denton, Manchester
George DerKoorkanian, Manchester
Robert Dunn, Manchester
William Fiocca, Manchester
Edgar Fournier, Manchester
Charles Gosselin, Manchester
Murray Grant, Manchester
Herve Groleau, Manchester
Diane Hall, Manchester
Edward Hoey, Manchester
Joseph Kasinskas, Manchester
Cornelius Keane, Manchester
Dick Kelley, Manchester
Jacques Lavigne, Manchester
Charles Leclair, Manchester
Menelaos Lianos, Manchester
Charles Luiz, Manchester
Stanley Maesk, Manchester
Socrates Makris, Manchester
Albert Mandeville, Manchester
Francis Manning, Manchester
Robert McNaughton, Manchester
John Moran, Manchester
Frank Moulin, Manchester
Tom O'Neil, Manchester
George Palos, Manchester
Marcel Pinard, Manchester
Charles Reagan, Manchester
Frank Reidy, Manchester
Adrien Roy, Manchester
George Smith, Manchester
Frank Szerlog, Manchester
Richard Taylor, Manchester
William Welch, Manchester
Spyros Zarakotas, Manchester
Jacob Skinner, Marlborough
Jake Skinner, Marlborough
Robert Annis, Merrimack
Howard Burgess, Merrimack
Arthur Caulfield, Merrimack
Helen Currie, Merrimack
Charles Danton, Merrimack
Jackie Danton, Merrimack
Eva Deane, Merrimack
John Eisenhaure, Merrimack
Thomas Gouvalaris, Merrimack
Margaret Gregorich, Merrimack
Ronald Gunn, Merrimack
Ronald Gunn, Merrimack
Charles Hall, Merrimack
Shirley Healey, Merrimack
Jerome Hill, Merrimack
Alan Johnson, Merrimack
Paul Lacasse, Merrimack
Robert Leblanc, Merrimack
Robert Lizotte, Merrimack
Donald Masson, Merrimack
Albert McCann, Merrimack
Eugene Ordway, Merrimack
Felix Peter, Merrimack
George Sapiro, Merrimack
Frank Wilich, Merrimack
Louis Ryan, Middleton
Helen Cady, Milford
Raymond Lashua, Milford
Leo Balzano, Nashua
Thomas Barry, Nashua
Raymond Belanger, Nashua
Herb Bennett, Nashua
George Bergeron, Nashua
Karin Berkeley, Nashua
James Birch, Nashua
Kenneth Bixby, Nashua
Roy Blaisdell, Nashua
Paul Bleau, Nashua
Charles Boghigian, Nashua
Harold Bracey, Nashua
Herman Brownstein, Nashua
Joseph Calvetti, Nashua
Joseph Caron, Nashua
Armand Charron, Nashua
Roger Cloutier, Nashua
Albert Coffey, Nashua
Henry Cote, Nashua
Lester Dawson, Nashua
Anna Denis, Nashua
Benjamin Devoid, Nashua
William Diagle, Nashua
Charles Dombrowski, Nashua
Robert Donovan, Nashua
John Dufour, Nashua
Walter Foster, Nashua
Kelly Gousios, Nashua
Roger Gravelle, Nashua
William Hagerty, Nashua
James Hamel, Nashua
John Hostage, Nashua
John Hostagf, Nashua
Pauline Janules, Nashua
Merton Johnston, Nashua
Laurie Keller, Nashua
Joyce Kelley, Nashua
John Kelly, Nashua
Nien Ku, Nashua
Juliette Kudalis, Nashua
Robert Lansing, Nashua
Carolyn L'Ecuyer, Nashua
Theodore Lessard, Nashua
George Levitsky, Nashua
Herbert Lyon, Nashua
Peter Markiewicz, Nashua
Bernard Martin, Nashua
Edward Mcquoid, Nashua
Richard Mosca, Nashua
Lucien Nadeau, Nashua
Horace Nicholson, Nashua
Gerald Olsen, Nashua
John Palmer, Nashua
William Petit, Nashua
William Pettit, Nashua
Roger Poliquin, Nashua
William Powell, Nashua
William Ryan, Nashua
Marylin Salgado, Nashua
John Schappler, Nashua
Robert Schimp, Nashua
Victor Schulze, Nashua
Anthony Skowron, Nashua
Faith Skowron, Nashua
Thomas Smith, Nashua
Eugene Spano, Nashua
Theodore St Onge, Nashua
Henry Staples, Nashua
Walter Visken, Nashua
Robert Whitmore, Nashua
Edward Williams, Nashua
George Zettelmeyer, Nashua
James Stapleton, New Boston
Michael Donahue, North Hampton
Gerald Pelletier, North Hampton
Elton Wilcox, North Hampton
William Andreoli, North Salem
Stephen Enroth, North Sutton
Joseph Bushway, North Walpole
Glen Sell, Nottingham
Larry Belodeau, Pelham
Arnold Found, Pelham
Florence Cantara, Penacook
Wayne Digeronimo, Penacook
Richard Rheaume, Penacook
William Stolte, Penacook
David Abrams, Peterborough
Aldo Carbone, Plaistow
Marco Fiore, Plaistow
Lawrence Gil, Plaistow
Phil Cunningham, Plymouth
Jack Saunders, Plymouth
Geoffrey Clark, Portsmouth
Eileen Foley, Portsmouth
Thomas Mcinerney, Portsmouth
Coleman O'Brien, Portsmouth
Leonard Pufahl, Portsmouth
Jeffrey Roberts, Portsmouth
James Roland, Portsmouth
Michael Roneker, Portsmouth
Robert Stuart, Portsmouth
John Strauss, Rindge
Earl Congram, Rochester
Barry Flanagan, Rochester
Irwin Greenberg, Rochester
Carmel Radwan, Rochester
Norman Talbot, Rochester
Joseph Tardiff, Rochester
Robert Cullen, Rollinsford
Jack Brouse, Salem
Kathy Cote, Salem
Roger Duhamal, Salem
Roger Duhamel, Salem
Ralph Frye, Salem
Gerald Gendron, Salem
William Gosselin, Salem

Donald Gray, Salem
Clarence Hedge, Salem
Sylvan Levy, Salem
William McDonald, Salem
Andrew Prevete, Salem
Stephen Stephanian, Salem
Irving Caputo, Sandown
Louis Rizzo, Sandown
Louis Defazio, Seabrook
Roger Berube, Somersworth
Joseph Deboise, Somersworth
Stanley Merrill, Somersworth
Frank Pasternak, Somersworth
Herbert Ramsey, Somersworth
Jim Moore, Stewartstown
Robert Lepine, Temple
Charles Ricardi, Twin Mountain
William Reynolds, Walpole
Ed Kenney, Warner
Howard Kirchner, Warner
Warren Hulser, Weare
Lorraine McNeill, Weare
John Shurtleff, Webster
Gerald Wroe, Wilton
Robert Davis, Winchester
Howard Rainey, Windham
Art Solcum, Wolfeboro