John Kerry-Campaign Organization
John Kerry for President Inc.
On December 4, 2002, Sen. Kerry filed papers with the FEC establishing John Kerry for President Inc., an exploratory committee.  James M. Jordan, who served as executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee during the 2002 cycle, is the campaign manager. 
Campaign Manager Jim Jordan
Executive Director of the DSCC for the duration of the 2002 cycle [Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), chair].  Political Director at the DSCC, May 1999-Dec. 2000 [Sen. Robert Torricelli (D-NJ), chair].  Communications Director for Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), Jan.-May 1999.  Spokesman for Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee during the 1998 impeachment hearings of President Clinton and for Democrats on the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee during the 1997 campaign finance investigation.  Communications Director for Sen. Robert Torricelli (D-NJ) in 1997.  Press Secretary for Tim Johnson's (D-SD) successful campaign for U.S. Senate in 1996.  Did non-profit fundraising.  Press Secretary to Rep. David Price (D-NC,4), Jan. 1987-1988.  Originally from North Carolina, Jordan earned his B.A. from Hampden-Sydney College and his J.D. from University of North Carolina law school (1986).
Deputy Campaign Manager Marcus Jadotte
(announced May 28, 2003)  Recently served as chief of staff in the office of Rep. Peter Deutsch (D-FL).  In 2000 Jadotte was the Gore-Lieberman campaign's Florida state director.  During the Clinton administration he worked in the Department of Labor in the Office of the Deputy Secretary and in Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs.  In 1998 he served as political director on the MacKay-Dantzler campaign for governor of Florida.  In 1996 he was a regional director on the Clinton-Gore re-election campaign in Florida.  Jadotte was special assistant to the late Gov. Lawton Chiles, and communications director for the Florida AFL-CIO.  He has worked in the Florida House of Representatives and in the Agency for Health Care Administration. 


Political Director Luis Navarro
(started late Jan. 2003)  Served as National Political Director of the SEIU through January 2003.  Previously at the DNC, where he directed regional desks.  Southeast Coordinator at the DCCC; Voter File Director for the North Carolina Democratic Party.  Worked as Admin. Assistant to Rep. Vic Fazio (D-CA) and to Rep. Al Wynn (D-MD).  Navarro earned a B.A. in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland.
Leonard Joseph Amy Dacey Crystal King Jonathan Epstein
Lisa Garcia


Communications Director David J. Morehouse
(announced Oct. 27, 2003)  Senior advisor to the campaign from July 2003.  Has worked at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government since June 2001.  Served in the White House as Senior Counselor and Trip Director to Vice President Al Gore.  During the first term of the Clinton Administration, Morehouse served in a number of senior positions including Director of Strategic Planning in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).  Morehouse is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and started his career as a welder and high-steel connector, member of Boilermakers Local 154.
Deputy Communications Director David Wade
Communications Director in Kerry's Senate office.  Served as national president of College Democrats of America (and addressed the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago).  Graduate of Brown University ('97).
Deputy Communications Director Kelley Benander
Press Secretary in Kerry's Senate office.
Press Secretary Robert Gibbs
Press Secretary for the DSCC, 2001-02; Communications Director for Debbie Stabenow's U.S. Senate campaign, 1999-2000; Press Secretary to Sen. Max Cleland, 1999; Communications Director for Fritz Hollings 1998 re-election campaign.
Deputy Press Secretary Christine Anderson
Deputy Press Secretary Dag Vega

National Press Assistant: Jon Favreau

Press Desk: Carrie James


Cyber Organizer Luis Miranda
Internet Communications Morra Aarons
Blogmaster Dick Bell
Internet Team Mike Nemec



Policy Director Sarah Bianchi
Deputy issues director on Vice President Gore's 2000 campaign.  Worked at OMB and at the President's Domestic Policy Council, then, in 1998, started working for Gore.
Deputy Policy Director Heather Higginbottom
Previously worked on Kerry's Senate staff.
Policy Analyst Brian Levine



Research Director Mike Gehrke
Worked at the DSCC, 2001-2003.  Research Director in the Clinton White House, 1999 to Jan. 2001.  Worked with AFL-CIO Political Department/Labor '98 program, 1997-99. Research Director for Citizen Action, 1995-97.
Deputy Research Director Anne Davis
Research Analyst Simon Sargent
Research Analyst David Schnitzer



Finance Director Peter Maroney
Finance Director for Sen. John Kerry's (D-MA) 2002 re-election campaign.
Deputy Finance Director Carl Chidlow
Director of Grassroots Fundraising Kerry Greeley

Treasurer Robert Farmer
Farmer gained fame as finance director for Michael Dukakis' 1988 presidential campaign.  Earlier he raised money for John Anderson's independent campaign in 1980 and John Glenn's 1984 campaign.  In 1992 raised money for Bill Clinton's campaign and he then gained the position of U.S. consul general to Bermuda.

          Finance Chair: Louis B. Susman 
...(announced March 5, 2003) Chicago-based vice chairman of Salomon Smith Barney Investment Banking; he joined the firm in June 1989.  Previously Susman was a senior partner at the St. Louis-based law firm of Thompson & Mitchell.  Susman served as finance chairman for Bill Bradley's 2000 presidential campaign and served in a senior capacity on Gephardt's 1988 campaign.  He has been a member of the DNC from Missouri for 12 years.
NY fundraising:
CA fundraising
Silicon Valley fundraising:
NJ finance chair:
Jamie Whitehead
Dan Burrell
Mark Gorenberg >
Clay Constantinou
(Atlanta) Southern Finance DirectorKristin Oblander
Deputy Southern Finance Director:  Adam Abrams

S C H E D U L I N G   A N D   A D V A N C E

Scheduling Director Karen Hinck
Deputy Scheduling Director Alyssa Mastromonaco 

Scheduling Desks: Amy Brundage and Teri Krinvick

Advance Director Greg Hale
(started Aug. 2003)  Prior to joining the campaign Hale was working at consulting in Little Rock.  Worked on Clinton/Gore '96 and then in the White House.  Graduate of the University of Arkansas. (source:AP) 
Deputy Advance Director Parita Shah

Advance Desk: David Sandler


Traveling Assistant Marvin Nicholson
Formerly worked in Kerry's Senate office.
Intern and Volunteer Coordinator Chad Lennox
Native of rural North Carolina.  Served as Executive Director of the Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation in Columbia, SC starting in 1999.  Master's degree from the University of South Carolina; bachelor's degree from Furman University.
Senior Strategist Jill Alper
Alper joined the Dewey Square Group as a principal in January 2001, establishing the firm's campaign division.  Worked on media planning and coordinated campaign strategies at Squier/Knapp/Dunn during the 2000 cycle.  Political Director at the DNC for the 1998 cycle.  Coordinated Campaign Director at the DNC, 1994-96.  Other campaign experience includes: Michigan State Director for Clinton/Gore in 1992; Deputy Political Director at the DSCC; Deputy Manager to Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) in 1990; Coordinated Campaign Manager to Wilder/Beyer/Terry in Virginia in 1989; Field Director in special congressional elections for John Vinich and Jill Long in 1989; and several positions for Dukakis for President in 1987-1988.  Alper earned a B.A. in Political Science/Philosophy from Boston College.
Chief Financial Officer Matthew Butler



Jim Margolis (GMMB)
Margolis is a senior partner at GMMB.  The firm began in 1983; it now has a staff of over 100 and is a Fleishman-Hillard Company.

Bob Shrum collaborating with Margolis (confirmed in late Feb. 2003)
Shrum advised Sen. John Edwards' New American Optimists in 2002.  His experience includes: principal speechwriter to Sen. George McGovern in the 1972 Democratic campaign for President; Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's principal speechwriter during and after the 1980 presidential campaign and press secretary to Sen. Kennedy, 1980-84; and senior advisor to Vice President Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign.  He has produced political advertising since 1985 and is chairman of Shrum, Devine & Donilon.

S T R A T E G I S T S  /  A D V I S O R S

Minyon Moore
Moore joined the Dewey Square Group heading up its state and local affairs shop.  She served as chief operating officer at the DNC, responsible for the day-to-day running of the party, after directing DNC chair Terry McAuliffe's transition in the first part of 2001.  Appointed as White House deputy director of political affairs in Feb. 1997 she became director of public liaison in May 1998 and finished as director of political affairs.  In the 1996 cycle she served as national political director at the DNC.  In 1988 she was national deputy field director for Rev. Jesse Jackson's campaign, Jackson's convention coordinator, and in the fall national deputy field director for the Dukakis campaign.  She also worked on Jackson's 1984 campaign.  Moore is a native of Chicago.

Key States

State Director John Norris
(started Jan. 1, 2003)  In 2002 Norris ran for Congress in the 4th District against Rep. Tom Latham (R).  Prior to his campaign, starting in 1999, Norris served as chief of staff to Gov. Tom Vilsack.  In 1998 he served as chairman and executive director of the Iowa Democratic Party.  Previously he served as chief of staff to Rep. Leonard Boswell and as district representative for then-Rep. Tom Harkin.  He owned and managed the Old Hotel Restaurant in Greenfield from 1989 to 1992 and served as vice president of the Greenfield Chamber of Commerce.  During the mid-1980's Norris served as state director for the Iowa Farm Unity Coalition.  A native of Red Oak, Norris graduated from Simpson College in Indianola with a B.A. in political science in 1981 and received his J.D. from the University of Iowa College of Law in 1995.

N E W   H A M P S H I R E

State Director Ken Robinson
(started end of January 2003)  Robinson served as executive director of the New Hampshire Democratic Party from January 1999 through January 2003.  In 2000 and 2002, he also served as the Coordinated Campaign director for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  He has worked on numerous campaigns including Gov. Jeanne Shaheen's 1998 reelection campaign.  In 1996 he served as field director of Joe Keefe's campaign for Congress (1st CD).  Robinson is a 1991 graduate of Brown University. 

S O U T H   C A R O L I N A (February 3 primary)

State Director James Dukes
(started June 15, 2003)  Served as Field Representative for Sen. Fritz Hollings from February 1999-June 2003.  Previously served as Outreach Director for Sen. Hollings' 1998 campaign and as regional field director for the South Carolina Democratic Party Coordinated Campaigns in 2002 and 2000.  Also worked on the special congressional campaign of Brent Weaver for Congress in 2001.  Attended Coastal Carolina University, majored in Political Science.

A R I Z O N A (February 3 primary)

State Director Mario Diaz
Before joining the Kerry campaign, Diaz was a longtime aide to Janet Napolitano.  He worked with Napolitano starting in 1993, when President Clinton appointed her U.S. attorney for Arizona.  Diaz ran Napolitano's campaigns for attorney general in 1998 and for governor in 2002, and was serving as deputy chief of staff for urban relations and boards and commissions.  He started in politics as an intern for Sen. Dennis DeConcini; he then worked on Rep. Ed Pastor's campaign and on his staff.  Diaz has a B.A. in political science from ASU (1991) and a master's degree in public administration, also from ASU.  He famously arrived in Arizona with $25 in his pocket as he transferred from a California community college to ASU. 

N E W   M E X I C O (February 3 caucuses)

Field Director Geri Prado


M I C H I G A N (February 7 caucuses)

State Director Jim Curran
(started September 2003) Associate at Karoub Associates a lobbying firm in Lansing; he joined in 2000.  Curran is former manager of government relations for Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART).  He is a certified professional of the Academy for Health Care Management.  Curran earned his B.S. from Michigan State University.

W A S H I N G T O N (February 7 caucuses)

State Director Ali Wade
(Nov. 1, 2003)  Prior to joining the campaign Wade served as chief of staff to Congressman Adam Smith.

V I R G I N I A (February 10 primary)

State Director Susan Swecker
Swecker, a DNC Member, served on the DNC's convention site advisory committee in 2001-02 and was elected chair of the party's Southern Caucus at its February 2003 meeting.  She chaired the Gore for President campaign in Virginia in 2000 and chaired the Virginia delegation to the 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles.  Former executive director of the Democratic Party of Virginia.  Lives in Richmond.  According to the AP she "led the push" for the legislation that moved the state's 2004 presidential primary forward. 

W I S C O N S I N (February 17 primary)

State Director George Twigg
(announced Sept. 17 2003, official start Oct. 1, 2003)  Twigg has worked for the Democratic Leaders of both the Assembly and Senate in Wisconsin.  He also worked for former U.S. Rep. Tom Barrett’s campaign for Governor.  Prior to moving to Wisconsin, Twigg was a press intern in Kerry’s Washington, DC Senate office.

N E W   Y O R K (March 2 primary)

State Director Paul Rivera
(started March 2003)  Has worked on the campaigns of Carl McCall (2002) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (2000), three Democratic Conventions and the 1996 and 2000 Presidential Elections. 

M A S S A C H U S E T T S (March 2 primary)

State Director Linda Tocci

M I N N E S O T A (March 2 caucuses)
Campaign Chairs: Sam & Sylvia Kaplan, Mike & Ann Ciresi, Vance & Darin Opperman 

I L L I N O I S (March 16 primary)
David Wilhelm

(On September 15, 2003 Wilhelm endorsed Kerry, and the campaign said he would head up their efforts in Illinois).
Wilhelm is president of Wilhelm & Conlon Public Strategies, founded in 1998.  He managed Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign, and subsequently served as the chair of the DNC, the youngest person ever to do so.  He directed the 1989 and 1991 campaigns of Mayor Richard M. Daley, and the 1984 campaign of Senator Paul Simon. 

C O L O R A D O (April 13 caucuses)

On September 30, 2003 former Sen. Gary Hart, who himself considered making a presidential run, endorsed Kerry.
The campaign's website as it looked on May 29, 2003--little changed from the re-election site. At the end of August 2003 a redesign finally appeared.

   519 C Street, NE, Washington, DC     --     197 Portland Street, 3rd Floor, Boston    --   101 West Grand Ave., Suite 200, Chicago     --    1100 Spring Street, Suite 360, Atlanta    --   3200 Travis St., 3rd Floor, Houston   --   6100 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 225, Los Angeles    --    201 S. Biscayne Blvd, Suite 2700, Miami Center, Miami    --    373 Park Avenue South, 9th Floor, New York   --    50 Northfield Ave., West Orange, NJ 
1500 Locust Street, Des Moines, IA 
195 McGregor St., Center Entrance, Manchester, NH 
1200 Main Street (corner of Main & Gervais), Suite 1000, Columbia, SC

Senior Advisor for Communications Chris Lehane
(Resigned Sept. 15, 2003)  Based in San Francisco, where he worked with Mark Fabiani.  Lehane served as press secretary for Al Gore's 2000 campaign (announced Oct. 27, 1999).  He moved over to that campaign from his position as press secretary for the Office of the Vice President, and previously served as the Vice President's deputy communications director.  Worked as a special counsel for HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo in 1997 and as special assistant counsel for the President in 1995-96.  Lehane is a native of Lawrence, Mass. and is a graduate of Amherst College ('90).
Advance Director Tom Keady
Has supported Kerry since his first campaign in 1972.  Associate vice president of government relations at Boston College from May 1, 2002.  Coordinated the Oct. 3, 2000 presidential debate at University of Massachusetts at Boston.  Prior to joining Boston College, Keady worked for many years at Northeastern University, starting as director of city relations, and then as director of governmental relations and community affairs, and finally as vice president of government relations.  Served as staff director to Boston City Councilor Michael McCormack; and legislative aide to City Councilor James M. Connolly.  Graduate of University of Massachusetts at Boston with a degree in political science.
Intern and Volunteer Coordinator Stephone Mickler
Regional director for the 2002 South Carolina Coordinated Campaign (Low Country).  Previously worked for Verizon Wireless.  Graduate of the College of Charleston, 1998.

See also Campaign Organization-1st Quarter 2003 FEC report.

Key people in Kerry's Senate office are chief of staff David McKean and legislative director George Abar.


On December 17, 2001 Sen. Kerry opened the Citizen Soldier Fund, a leadership PAC, to help Democratic candidates.  The PAC made significant contributions to candidates and committees in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, in addition to purchasing the Iowa and New Hampshire Democratic parties' voter files.   Citizen Soldier Fund also conducted a couple of trainings for young activists.

Angelique Pirozzi served as campaign manager of  the Kerry Committee, Sen. Kerry's re-election campaign.  Previously, she directed the Democrats' coordinated campaign in Wisconsin in Fall 2000, and she worked on the Clinton/Gore campaign in New Hampshire in 1996.  Peter Maroney served as the Kerry Committee's finance director.  Jill Alper, a principal at the Dewey Square Group, helped the campaign as well.  Over the six-year cycle, the Kerry Committee raised $14.0 million and spent $9.1 million, finishing with $2.9 million in cash on hand. Of the $9.1 million, about $3.2 million went to pay off debts from Kerry's tight 1996 campaign against William Weld.  The committee built up a direct mail list with about 200,000 names and was able to convert $2.65 million in unused funds to the presidential campaign committee.  (See Finances).

Direct mail piece from Sen. Kerry's 
                             re-election campaign, early 2002.
The re-election campaign produced a video "The Courage To Do What's Right" which presages a presidential campaign.

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