Rank and File Iowa Labor for Kucinich Steering Committee (in formation)
(Titles and union affiliations are listed for identification purposes only)
September 1, 2003

                            Bill Austin
                            President, UE Local 893, Ottumwa

                            Larry Bailiff
                            COPE Committee, Steelworkers Local 310, Des Moines

                            John Blasingame
                            Training Coordinator, Laborers Local 1140, Silver City

                            Andy Bock
                            AFSCME Local 96, Ellsworth

                            Kathy Butler
                            Chair, PEOPLE (political committee), AFSCME Local 2990, Woodward

                            Bruce Clark
                            President, APWU Local 2339
                            President, Iowa Postal Workers Union, Dubuque

                            Jeff Cox
                            AFT 716, Iowa City

                            Greg Cross
                            UE International Representative, Des Moines

                            Ryan Downing
                            UE Field Organizer, Iowa City

                            Mike Edwards
                            UAW/CAP Local 807, Burlington

                            Kevin Esch
                            Chief Steward, UE Local 896-COGS, Iowa City

                            Irene Friend
                            ISEA, Clear-Creek Amana

                            Kevin Kelly
                            CWA Local 7172, Agency

                            Chris Lauritsen
                            International Representative, UFCW, Mason City

                            Jim Martens
                            COPE Committee, Steelworkers Local 310, Des Moines

                            Mike Marvin
                            Transport Workers Union Local 223, Council Bluffs

                            Jeremy Maske
                            Steward, AFGE Local 836, Des Moines

                            David Osterberg
                            AFT Local 716, Mt. Vernon

                            Axel Petersen
                            Sheetmetal Workers Local 263, Retired, Cedar Rapids

                            Sylvia Popelka
                            ISEA, Cedar Rapids

                            Mike Quijano
                            Steward/COPE committee
                            Steelworkers Local 310, Des Moines

                            Dennis Ryan
                            IBEW 405, Iowa City

                            Tom Seymour
                            UAW Local 807, Retirees, Bettendorf

                            Jennifer Sherer
                            2nd Vice-President, Iowa Federation of Teachers, Iowa City

                            Madeleine Shufeldt
                            Press & Publicity Chair, UE Local 896-COGS

                            Shane Shook
                            President, AFSCME Local 3450, Des Moines

                            Steve Siegel
                            Staff Rep., AFSCME Iowa Council 61
                            President, Southern Iowa Labor Council, Ottumwa

                            Midge Slater
                            CWA, Des Moines

                            Tom Slockett
                            AFT 716, Iowa City

                            Bob Straker
                            President, Local 35, AFSCME, Des Moines

                            Stephen Tews
                            UAW Local 74, Ottumwa

                            Wilbur Wilson
                            COPE Chair, Alternate Steward, Steelworkers Local 310
                            Organizing Chair, South Central Federation of Labor, Des Moines