JOE 2004
For Immediate Release
January 11, 2004
Contact: Kristin Carvell



Former Attorney General Greg Smith to Chair
"Independents for Joe" Steering Committee

MANCHESTER, NH - More than 275 Independent voters, including former New Hampshire Attorney General Greg Smith, today endorsed Joe Lieberman for President.  Smith will serve as co-chair of the new "Independents for Joe" steering committee along with John McCain's former Strafford County Chair Leonard Arkerson.

Smith - a life-long registered Independent - served as Attorney General in the Granite State from 1980 to 1984.  He is one of the few Independents ever selected for a constitutional office in NH and the only one to endorse a candidate in 2004.

"Joe Lieberman puts principle before politics, and that's why I am supporting him," said Smith. "I have made it a practice to choose the best candidate based on his or her qualifications and record not on party affiliation.  Joe Lieberman offers a rare combination of intelligence and integrity. He's a candidate who has demonstrated courage and conviction in public office, and he is guided by what is right rather than perceptions of what would be popular."
"Joe Lieberman is clearly the best candidate for Independent-minded voters," said Arkerson.  "Like John McCain, Joe Lieberman is a straight-talker and tells it like it is.  He offers a strong, tough foreign policy and a progressive domestic agenda. He's the only one who can defeat George Bush in November by appealing to Independents."
This group of 280 Independents join the already more than 100 former McCain supporters for Lieberman and represent more than 100 communities across the state.
"These Independent voters are sending a message today that this is a time for unity and leadership and to reject the extremes of both parties," said Lieberman.  "I am proud to receive this endorsement from Greg Smith and all these other independent-minded Granite Staters."

The 280 Independents endorsing Lieberman today include:

 Barbara T. Ahearn, Hampton
 Faith Alger, Portsmouth
 Joel Allen, Barrington
 Jeanne Allinson, Portsmouth
 Leonard Arkerson, Middleton
 Justin Ambrose, Nashua
 Eileen Amburg, Hudson
 Josh Anderson, Ossipee
 Dr. Timothy Antaya, Hampton Falls
 Ann L. Antaya, Hampton Falls
 Mark Antone, Newton
 Alice Antone, Newton
 Edith Argereow, Portsmouth
 Jeffrey Babington, Nashua
 Robert Babler, Campton
 Walter Baird, Danville
 Christopher Bamford, Salem
 Timothy Bamford, Salem
 William Barber, Manchester
 Mary Bearor, Merrimack
 John Bell, Keene
 Lawrence Bell, Atkinson
 Patricia Bell, Atkinson
 Marshall Bergeron, Keene
 Kenny Berman, Concord
 Kenneth Binstock, Deerfield
 Stella Bloom, Nashua
 Armand Boivin, Goffstown
 Robert Bonner, Meredith
 Edward Bowser, Henniker
 Reba Bowser, Henniker
 Dick Boyd, Concord
 Kathryn Brigham, Concord
 Rich Brouseau, Salem
 Mary Budroe, Conway
 Warren Buffum, Harrisville
 Jen Burk, Keene
 Dave Burrows, Merrimack
 Donna Burrows, Merrimack
 Meaghan Byrne, Bedford
 Helen Cail, Londonderry
 Carole Cameron, Hudson
 Scott Caplain, Chocorua
 Maria Caplette, Rochester
 Leslie Castor, Keene
 Jean Catlender, Merrimack
 Despina Cherevas, Nashua
 Fred Cherico, Merrimack
 Lucille Cherico, Merrimack
 Elaine Clark, Salem
 Anne Clement, Walpole
 Robert Clement, Walpole
 Sarah Clement, Walpole
 Gayle Clogston, Rumney
 Cynthia Codner, Londonderry
 Robert Coffey, Webster
 Menashe Cohen, Peterborough
 Richard Collier, Portsmouth
 Thomasina Convoy, Swanzey
 Lillian Cote, Franklin
 Edwards Crabtree, Effingham
 Betty Crabtree, Effingham
 Erik Crago, Portsmouth
 Sarah Crisman, Nashua
 Robert A. Croker, Durham
 Stephen Paul Cullinane, Derry
 William Cunningham, Rochester
 Vincent Currier, Merrimack
 Gloria Currier, Merrimack
 Andrew Dagoumas, Sanbornton
 Randy Davis, Jackson
 Thelma Davis, Jackson
 Anne Decasare, Atkinson
 Tracey Degges, Manchester
 Joan Degrandpre, Rindge
 Dick Demeco Nelson
 Louis Despirito, Derry
 Debra Devine, Merrimack
 Charles Dill, Wolfeboro
 Eleanor Dill, Wolfeboro
 Daniel Dillon, Merrimack
 Charlton Dobson, Portsmouth
 Arlene Dole, Bristol
 Robert Doucette, Milton
 Lawrence Dowling, Pembroke
 Helen Drazyk, Exeter
 Ed Drumm, Hampton Falls
 Jack Dunaway, Portsmouth
 Earle Duncan, Campton
 Virginia Dunn, Plymouth
 Kenneth Dyrsten, Laconia
 James Eaton, New Durham
 Johnathan Edwards, Hanover
 Kraig Emery, Penacook
 Frank Engel, Plymouth
 David Essensa, Exeter
 Linda Evers, Nashua
 Carol Faragi, New Hampton
 Eileen Ferguson, Bedford
 Paula J. Field, North Hampton
 Doris Fitzpatrick, Franklin
 Tina Frechette, Manchester
 Dennis Freeman, Milton
 Diane Gaffney, Swanzey
 Roland Gagne, Nashua
 Marie Garneau, Manchester
 Reszo Gaspar, Glen
 Irene Ghuste, Salem
 Denise Ghuste, Salem
 Richard T. Giglio, Freedom
 Diane Ginsberg, Keene
 Marilyn Gladstone, Nashua
 Pauline Gladstone, Nashua
 Aaron Goldstein, Nashua
 Leon Goldstein, Nashua
 Robert Goldstein, Nashua
 Raymond Goulet, Portsmouth
 Carl Granquist, Swanzey
 Nancy Gray, Waterville Valley
 Sheldon Gray, Colebrook
 Alan Green, Nashua
 Lori Greer, Keene
 Jeffrey Gregoire, Bedford
 Yan Grushovksy, Stratham
 Christine Guerin, Londonderry
 Armand Guillemette, Manchester
 Gerald Gulezain, Londonderry
 David Haag, Ossipee
 Linda J. Hand, Salem
 Tina Harmon, Manchester
 Beth Harrold, Winchester
 Tom Harrold, Winchester
 Scott Haskell, Exeter
 Margaret R. Healy, Gilmanton
 James Henebry, Hampton Falls
 John Henriquez, Portsmouth
 Alice Hofstetter-Mange, Boscawen
 Frank H. Holmes, Hopkinton
 Marilyn Holsberg, Nashua
 Douglas Homer, Exeter
 Keri Hopkins, Enfield
 Pauline Horan, Newport
 Lois Hubbard, Keene
 Richard Jardine, Keene
 Pauline Johnson, Derry
 Michael Joy, Nashua
 Beth Kangas, New Ipswich
 Stephanie Kennedy, Gorham
 Jane Kerr, Wolfeboro
 Thomas Kilmister, Loudon
 Theo Kilmister, Loudon
 Gary Kudalis, Pelham
 Annette Kurman, Hampstead
 Adam LaFrance, Newmarket
 John Landry, Ossipee
 Janine Larin, Berlin
 Christen LaRocca, Hampstead
 Marilyn Lehane, Westmoreland
 David Levene, Dublin
 Grisel Levene, Dublin
 Barbara Lindsey, Keene
 Jane Little, Milford
 Nickolas Loupis, Enfield
 Joe MacIntyre, Nashua
 Paul Martin, Hudson
 Daren McGettigan, Wilton
 Jim McNulty, Concord
 Kathleen Medvidofsky, Keene
 Adam Mermer, Nashua
 Ken Mermer, Nashua
 Anthony Migetz, Berlin
 Bernice Migetz, Berlin
 Paul Miller, Nashua
 Daniel Mills, Durham
 Joyce Mills, Durham
 Matt Monahan, Goffstown
 Joe Monahan, Goffstown
 Margaret Moore, Durham
 Marilyn Morel, Keene
 Lawrence Morris, Salem
 Martin Mugar, Durham
 Stella Nestor, Claremont
 Stephen Noyer, Newbury
 Brian O'Connor, Manchester
 Sheila O'Meara, Rumney
 Rich Padova, Concord
 Arthur Pappas, Manchester
 Lena Paradis, Claremont
 John Paradis, Claremont
 Robert Partridge, Sanbornville
 Claire Partridge, Sanbornville
 J.D. Pasteris, Newmarket
 Merilee Patty, Alstead
 Jessica Paul, Manchester
 John Peters, Manchester
 Calvin Peterka, Portsmouth
 Carol Peterka, Portsmouth
 Stephanie Pines, Durham
 Deborah Plante, Dover
 Joann Platt, Stark
 Franklin Platt, Stark
 Sharon Poissant, Dover
 Al Poissant, Dover
 Stephen Poole, Salem
 Denise Prinopoulos, Somersworth
 Sandra Putney, Danbury
 Wayne Pronzati, Danville
 Edith Quereux, Keene
 Ruthanne Raulerson, Bedford
 Tinka Reed, Jaffrey
 Rose Richmond, Manchester
 David Rimbach, Rye
 Marie Roach, Plaistow
 Nathan Robbins, Epping
 Edward Roberts, Charlestown
 Michael Roberts, Jaffrey
 Terry Robicheau, Manchester
 Joyce Rodgers, Salem
 Amanda Rodier, Manchester
 Shannon Rondeau, Antrim
 Bob Rosenthal, Manchester
 Mary Rottenberg, Portsmouth
 Julia Rudman, Tilton
 Richard Saunders, Hanover
 Virginia Savarese, Nashua
 Scott Scharer, Exeter
 Robert Schundler, Wolfboro
 Scott Silver, Nashua
 Elliot Silver, Nashua
 Louie Smirnioudis, Concord
 Greg Smith, Concord
 Lisa M. Smith, Center Barnstead
 Cynthia Snow, Jaffrey
 Adam Sosnow, Manchester
 Peter Stanhope, Durham
 Corey Steele, Londonderry
 Bryan Steneri, Somersworth
 Diane Steneri, Somersworth
 Deborah Stoner, Nashua
 Melvin Stoner, Nashua
 Dennis Sweatt, Greenland
 Margaret Talcott, Exeter
 Catherine Thompson, Amherst
 Edna Tilton, Portsmouth
 Roland Tilton, Portsmouth
 Angela Tokarski, New Ipswich
 Albert Traficante, Salem
 Barbara Traficante, Salem
 Gloria Trefethen, Newington
 Mark Troiano, Campton
 Grace Tucker, Exeter
 Linda Tunkel, Nashua
 Devina M. Tusi, Laconia
 Judy Vincent, Merrimack
 Beverly Walsh, Rindge
 Jeremy Warren, Hudson
 Linda Wason, Raymond
 Therese M. Waters, Enfield
 Charles Watkins, Dover
 Roselle Weingart, Peterborough
 Scot Weisman, Nashua
 Theresa Welch, Milford
 Steve Weyl, Bedford
 Evelyn White, Rochester
 Leonard White, Rochester
 Michael White, Amherst
 Alan Whitney, Plymouth
 Bonnie Lou Wickland, Fitzwilliam
 Rose Willey, Ossipee
 William Willey, Ossipee
 Mary Wojcik Hanover
 Tracy Wood, Sanbornton
 Edward Woodbury, Rumney
 Jean Woodbury, Rumney
 Remona Woods, Rochester
 Jeff Xenakis, Plaistow
 Marjorie Yurek, Claremont
 Angela Zouvelos, Pelham