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 For Immediate Release
 November 16, 2003
 Contact: Kristin Carvell

New “McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman” Steering Committee Includes Nearly a Dozen Former Town Chairs

AMHERST, NH – More than 40 former New Hampshire supporters of John McCain today endorsed Joe Lieberman for President.  Lieberman’s campaign also announced  the creation of a new steering committee, McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman, which includes nearly a dozen former McCain Town Chairs.

“I’m supporting Joe Lieberman for President because, like John McCain, he is a man of integrity and a straight talker,” said McCain’s former town chair in New Castle, Peter Rice.  “I want a President like Joe Lieberman – one who will do what he thinks is right, not what is easy or politically popular.”

Several steering committee members will be joining Lieberman in NH throughout the day today in Amherst, Manchester, Salem and Hampton Falls.

“Joe Lieberman has always fought to protect our environment, which he demonstrated most recently when he co-sponsored legislation to combat global warming with John McCain,” said former McCain supporter and environmental activist Rebecca Scott of Hampton.  “Now I’m ready to fight for Joe Lieberman.”

The Lieberman campaign is also distributing  a letter signed by several McCain Town Chairs early next week to 25,000 NH households announcing the McCain endorsers and why they're supporting Joe Lieberman.  The letters are being targeted to voters that supported McCain in 2000.

“I’m proud to earn the support of so many McCain supporters and town chairs,” said Lieberman.  “John and I understand that when it comes time to answer the big questions, you shouldn’t waffle, you shouldn’t pander, and you shouldn’t bob and weave.  You’ve got to do what you think is right.”

“John McCain and I are as independent-minded as the voters of New Hampshire. And that’s why I’m confident that many of the voters who supported him are going to support me come Election Day.”


Excerpt from letter by former McCain Town Chairs:

Both John McCain and Joe Lieberman offer the best of American leadership - integrity, independence and honesty.  We fell short of our goal to elect an independent-minded President in 2000.  With Joe Lieberman, we have an opportunity to return integrity to the White House.  But we need your help.

When John McCain ended his campaign in 2000 he asked us to do one thing.

“Promise me that you will never give up, that you will continue your service in the worthy cause of revitalizing our democracy. Our crusade will never accomplish all its goals if your voices fall silent in our national debate.”

We have taken the Senator up on his offer and proudly support Joe Lieberman. Please, join us in bringing integrity back to Washington.  Join us in supporting Joe Lieberman for President.


 Complete List of 41-Member “McCain Supporters for Joe Lieberman” Steering Committee:

 Former McCain town chairs:
 Robert Berti, Rumney
 Charles Burnham, Strafford
 Charlie DeRham, Franconia
 Bill Gilmore, Rye
 Judy Markley, Auburn
 Jim McKinnon, Ossipee
 Peter Rice, New Castle
 Cathy Sterling, Newport
 Rick Sterling, Newport
 Bob Stone, Charlestown
 Van Wallace, Farmington

 Former McCain supporters:
 Corrine Baker, Hampton
 Patricia Baker, Seabrook
 Henry Beck, Walpole
 Don Byrne, Bedford
 Mark Carboni, Merrimack
 Philip Chandler, Bow
 Bruce Comes, Londonderry
 Catharine Comes, Londonderry
 Rhonda Della Sala, Nashua
 Randy Dirth, Bedford
 Carol Edwards, Hanover
 Roger Gardner, Manchester
 Dan Giaquinto, Merrimack
 Roye Ginsberg, Keene
 Wren Gleason, Amherst
 Chris Gostyla, Hancock
 Jean Gove, Seabrook
 Jay Kahn, Keene
 Louis Kaletsky, Walpole
 Peter Krumhansl, Amherst
 Frank Lantagne, Gilford
 Lorraine Perkins, Nashua
 Melinde Lutz Sanborn, Derry
 Rebecca Scott, Hampton
 Stephen Scott, Hampton
 Irwin Shapiro, Woodsville
 Ken Sherr, Pelham
 Myra Sobel, Nashua
 Kathie Taylor, Manchester
 Kristen Welch, Amherst