Joe Lieberman-Campaign Organization
Joe Lieberman for President Inc. 1st Quarter 2003 FEC Report 

Total Disbursements for Quarter: $1,229,991.77   Debts and Obligations: $128,735.06

The campaign reported paying salaries to 42 people during the quarter.
Jared S. Asch - Robert G. Avruch - Zachary Bremer - Jano Cabrera - Valerie A. Chraca - Kenneth J. Curren - Kenneth A. Daglieri - Amy Eckert - Benjamin C. Eley - Joseph D. Eyer - Matthew D. Felan - Chad J. Fitzgerald - Brian Foucart - Courtney A. Gibbes - Kiley A. Gosselin - Peter D. Greenberger - Gary R. Gruver - J. Dodd Guevara - Jessica C. Hogle - Cynthia Jasso-Rotunno - Melissa Y. Kaplan - S. James Kim - Christopher Koob - Hilary B. Lefko - Matthew D. Nugen - Lori E. Nunan - Theodore M. Osthelder - Heather A. Picazio - Jared M. Quient - Kimberly A. Rogers - Joshua Rosenblum - Payson T. Schwin - Emily R. Silver - Jennifer P. Simoneau - Iwana V. Smith - Scott Tenley - Pamela G. Traxel - Melissa E. Winter - Hannah Wood - Jeffrey Woodburn - Jennifer S. Yocham - Shari M. Yost

*Note that several of the top people in the campaign are paid as consultants: Campaign Director Craig Smith, Campaign Chief of Staff Sherry Brown and Research Director Lori McGrogan. 

Major Consultants and Services
Penn Schoen & Berland (Washington, DC) $110,646.25
A.B. Data (Milwaukee, WI) direct mail expense/consulting $50,786.00 + $18,088.81
The Winning Edge (Hartford, CT) consulting/political strategy $53,257.38
mCapitol Management (Chicago, IL) consulting/political strategy $37,506.
Katz Watson Group (Washington, DC) consult/fundraising $36,000 +7621.22 travel
Lori McGrogan (Washington, DC) consulting/research $24,000. ($8,000/mo)
Jim Kennedy (New York, NY) consulting/communications $15,000. ($5,000/mo)
AVF Consulting Inc. (Baltimore, MD) computer software $13,980.
Josephson Consulting Inc.(Boston, MA) consult/fundraising $12,638.88
Baer Communications (Washington, DC) consulting/communications $10,000.
Perkins Coie (Seattle, WA) consulting/legal $15,027.40

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