JOE 2004
Contact: Kristin Carvell

Friday, December 19, 2003

 Lieberman Campaign Announces "Joe-Term"
 More Than 100 Students Headed to the Granite State for Lieberman!

Manchester, NH - The Joe Lieberman for President Campaign today announced "Joe-Term" - a four-week campaign stint for students during the month of January modeled after the popular *Jan-Term session at many colleges and universities.  During Joe-Term, more than 100 students from New Hampshire and across the country will join the Lieberman Campaign, where they will experience first hand the NH Primary and help elect Joe Lieberman the next President of the United States.

"We truly look forward to this dynamic group - students determined to elect Joe Lieberman President - joining us in the Granite State during Joe-Term," said Lieberman's NH State Director Peter Greenberger.  "Students bring unique energy and perspective to a campaign - not to mention, now that 'A Joe-Vember to Remember' is over, well, frankly we need another shtick."

Joe-Term students begin arriving January 1 and stay through the end of the month.  Students will participate in all facets of the campaign and work from regional offices as well as from Lieberman Campaign New Hampshire Headquarters in Manchester.  A few lucky students may also get the opportunity to ride in a JoeMobile.  The campaign will provide housing.

*NOTE:  "Jan-Term" or "January-Term"  is a four-week, "mini semester" many colleges and universities offer students during the month of January.  Students usually choose between taking one intensive course on campus or doing an off-campus internship or study abroad program.

 Joe-Term Students include:

 Alex Gorodetsky, Exeter Academy
 Alexa Milone, Salem HS
 Ali Moller, Tufts University
 Amin Barnes, Washington Colle, Buffalo State University
 Andrew Beaton, Salem HS
 Andrew Campbell, Harvard University
 Ari Silberner, Plymouth State University
 Ashley Brousseau, Salem HS
 Becky Lockwood, New England College
 Benjamin Phillips, Dartmouth College
 Beth Moore, New England College
 Bevin Nicasto, New England College
 Bill Whelan, Harvard University
 Brandi Hoffine, Claremont McKenna College
 Brian Duguay, Pembroke Academy
 Brian Gorman, University of Richmond
 Carl Porter, Liberty College
 Chad  Kilgore, Gadsden High School
 Charlton Dobson, Portsmouth HS
 Chase Wilhelm, St. Louis University
 Chloe Thurston, Johns Hopkins University
 Christina Pond, Pembroke Academy
 Cindy Smith, Portsmouth HS
 Coogan Rencz, Brigham Young University
 Courtney Gosselin, Boston College
 Dan Sullivan, St. Anselm College
 Dave O'Brien, Kennedy School of Government
 Diana Drumm, Exeter Academy
 Eddie Mota, University of Connecticut
 Eliza Tebo, University of Arizona
 Frances Sienicki, George Washington University
 Genger Charles, Cornell University
 Greg Gsell, University of Richmond
 Heidi Tripp, University of New Hampshire
 Janaki Umarvadia, George Washington University
 Jane Skantze, Newfound Regional HS
 Jenna Lee, Central HS
 Jennifer Langer, University of New Hampshire
 Jessica Garofalo, Salem HS
 Jessica Lawson, Dartmouth College
 Jessie Helwig, University of Delaware
 John Gizuntermann, St. John's University Law School
 Jordana Lewis, Harvard University
 Josh Jacob, University of Hartford,
 Josh Jacobs, Franklin Pierce College
 Joshua Humphrey-Sewell, Parker Academy
 Kabir Sehgal, Dartmouth College
 Kaleigh Perreault, Salem HS
 Kate Monninger, Smith College
 Katelyn Sullivan, Hanover HS (MA)
 Kelley Cole, Exeter HS
 Kevin Sullivan, Hobart & William Smith College
 Kristen Blair, Northeastern University
 Kristen Flynn, Exeter HS
 Layne Weiss, New England College
 Madelaine Garant, Newfound Regional HS
 Mandy LaFleur, New England College
 Marc Grinberg, Princeton University
 Mary Grimes, Pembroke Academy
 Mary LaFleur, New England College
 Matt Spielman, Oyster River Coop
 Matt Tice, Souhegan High School
 Matthew Slaine, Dartmouth College
 Megan Murdough, Parker Academy
 Michael Ritchie, Arizona State University
 Michelle Nolan, Pinkerton Academy
 Mike Mitchell, Suffolk University
 Minety Abraham, Washington College
 Nate Caro, Exeter Academy
 Nathan Morin, Plymouth State University
 Nick Panagopoulos, University of New Hampshire
 Nick Perzanoski, Newfound Regional HS
 Nicole Perlroth, Princeton University
 Nicole Schwartzberg, Cornell University
 Noah Gaspar, Cornell University
 Rachel Factor, Exeter Academy
 Rachel Scudder, University of New Hampshire
 Rachel Smith, University of Massachusetts
 Randolph Adler, St. John's University Law School
 Rebecca Rubins, Harvard University
 Rebecca Simon, University of California
 Richard Wachtel, SUNY-Albany
 RJ Petrillo, University of Las Vegas
 Rob Kleinberg, University of Buffalo
 Rob Schundler, Boston College
 Ross Quient, California State University
 Sabrina Petrillo, Community College of Southern Nevada
 Sam Bieber, Darrow School
 Samuel Copeland, University of Delaware
 Sandy Kleinberg, Syracuse University
 Sara Vink, Claremont McKenna College
 Sean Kennedy, UC-Berkeley
 Selina Taylor, University of New Hampshire
 Seth Izen, Gann Academy
 Stacey Baird, Smith College
 Stella Lee, Dartmouth College
 Stephen Scriber, Amherst College
 Steven Kamara, Princeton University
 Sung Kim, University of Delaware
 Ted Silverman, Brandeis University
 Tim Murphy, Johns Hopkins University
 Tom Mullane, University of New England
 Zack Morin, St. Mary's University
 Brendan Carroll, Harvard Business School

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