Read by Theresa Amato - July 19, 2003

Statement to the Green Party of the United States Conference 2003

Regretfully, I will be out of town on family matters and therefore unable to attend your conference in D.C. this summer, though I have asked others to participate on my behalf by observing.  As I go around the country, I have talked with countless Greens and would-be Greens to learn about both your accomplishments and struggles to date, and to assist the growth of the Party.

In the last two years, my efforts on the Green Party's behalf have been many and varied, including:

Writing and touring with Crashing the Party, a book which touts the Green Party, its platform and the efforts of individual Greens and would-be Greens;

Meeting and appearing with local, state and federal Green candidates to support their candidacies;

Raising money both personally and through shared contacts for local, state and national Green parties.  To date, I have attended at least 44 fundraisers in some thirty states for Green Party organizations and candidates since 2000, including at least seven for the USGP.  This does not include the appearances and fundraisers for the Campus Greens, which I have supported.

Meeting with Green diplomats, Ministers of Parliaments, foreign delegations and organizers from abroad on a revolving basis here in D.C.; and

Going to several countries in solidarity with Greens during their elections lat year, including France, Sweden, and Germany for the 3rd Congress of European Green parties, and sending a representative to the Global Green meeting in Canberra, Australia.

I am expressly aware of the potential for the party, its members, its volunteers and leadership at all levels as well as the missed opportunities for exponential growth and expansion to date.  I would like to be here to elaborate, but that will have to wait until another time.

Have a good, robust, energizing session!

Ralph Nader