Ralph Nader letter to Toby Moffett urging him to “stop making false statements concerning allegations of Republican support.”

August 5, 2004

Anthony J. (Toby) Moffett
The Livingston Group
499 South Capitol St SW # 600
Washington, DC 20003

Dear Mr. Moffett:

I am writing to request that you stop making false statements concerning allegations of Republican support for the Nader/Camejo Campaign. I have said repeatedly that I am seeking votes and support from Republicans who support my candidacy, but not from Republicans, organized or otherwise, seeking to use my campaign for manipulative purposes. As you well know, your Democratic Party has taken many millions of dollars from favor-seeking Republicans hedging both sides of the party aisles.

In fact, 2000 exit polls showed that approximately 25% of those who voted for the Green ticket were registered Republicans. Over the years I have worked with individual Republicans on issues of mutual concern – e.g. securities fraud, environmental protection, corporate crime, and corporate welfare. In addition, many people supporting our candidacy in 2004 supported President Bush in 2000, including members of the Reform Party. Indeed, many people who supported President Bush in 2000 are not happy with the Patriot Act’s undermining of the Constitution, the fabrications and lies that led to war, the record budget deficits, the sovereignty infringing trade agreements, outsourcing of jobs, and a host of other issues. So, it is not surprising that 5% of our major donors are Republicans.

Regarding support from Republicans helping to get Nader/Camejo on the ballot: the three most common claims come from Michigan, Nevada and Oregon – all three are false. In Michigan, our campaign turned in our signatures to protect our rights in court because we have been endorsed by the Reform Party, which has a ballot line. The signature-gathering campaign by others was not consistent with our strategy, and we had nothing to do with it.

In Nevada, there were unsubstantiated allegations that Steve Wark helped our campaign get on the ballot. However, we have never had any contact with Mr. Wark, never received any donations from him, and neither has our signature gathering firm. This is a story that is unsubstantiated, and, as best we can see, completely false.

In Oregon, the most important activity of a major party was the Democrats spoiling our ballot access convention by organizing and sending Democrats in – to fill out the auditorium, undermine the convention by swelling the numbers, and then not sign the petitions. While there was talk of Republican support in the media, we saw no evidence of it on the ground.

It is amazing that the media still describes you as a Nader’s-Raider – Toby, that was thirty years ago. Today, you are a corporate lobbyist with a firm whose clients are military contractors, telecom giants, and industry trade associations. You were a former vice president with Monsanto and now are a partner with Robert Livingston, a reactionary Republican who was about to serve as the Speaker of the House until he resigned. If the media focused on who you really are – a corporate lobbyist – it would not be surprising that you oppose our candidacy , since our focus is challenging the corporate domination of Washington, DC and its erosive impact on domestic and foreign policy.

While Nader/Camejo would be happy to debate your candidates – John Kerry and John Edwards – on the issues, I reject your falsehoods, which are part of a coordinated Democratic dirty tricks campaign to keep Nader/Camejo off the ballot. Stop knowingly misleading the public and stop trying to undermine democracy by limiting the choice of voters to two candidates representing, in varying degrees, two corporate political parties.


Ralph Nader