Ken Robinson
NH State Director, John Kerry for President, Inc.
Transcript of May 22-23, 2003 Interview

Q. What have you accomplished since you started?

I think we've had a  series of very positive trips that the Senator's made to the state, met a lot of activists.  I think we've got generally good press coverage of his trips.  I think we've also been able to hire a very talented, motivated staff, open an office, and I think reach out to New Hampshire activists in a very grassroots way.

Q. Can you talk about how you found this headquarters?

It takes a while to find headquarters sometimes, and it's a combination of big open space and also private offices, and it's also got the ton of parking which is always advantageous when you're trying to get volunteers to come in to help out.

...and the location is?

195 MacGregor Street, on the Westside across from CMC. that a good location?

It's easy to get to and has a lot of parking..

...You look at a number of other places?

Yeah we did, but this one once I saw it, I knew that this is where we wanted to be, simply because it was good space, good price, plenty of parking.

Q. Where are we in the overall scheme of the campaign?

Obviously we have a long way to go.  This is in the early stage of talking to activists and folks who are opinion leaders in the communities and trying to convince them that John Kerry should be the next president of the United States.  So it's very much a grassroots effort, not that that's going to really change substantially, but we're in the early stages of people getting to know John Kerry, what he stands for and why we believe he should be president of the United States.

Q. Your biggest challenge...?

Our biggest challenge is...just introducing John Kerry to the people of New Hampshire.  He's running a national campaign so we get him here a finite number of days and so we want to maximize each because we know frankly if people get a chance to talk to him, I think they're very receptive to what he's talking about and the direction he wants to take the country.

Q. You've done a lot of this kind of work, tons.  Is there anything you've learned from this specific effort in these first months?

That people want an opportunity to meet and see John Kerry, and that's my job, trying to create environments where they can see him, talk to him and get a chance to interact with him.  That's incredibly important in this campaign.

Q. How did you come to support John Kerry?

I grew up in Massachusetts.  I've lived in New Hampshire for four, almost five years now, but I watched his political career growing up, and then I saw him on a variety of occasions when he was here in 2000, 2001, 2002 when he would come and cmpaign with Democrats.  He also did one of the party's -- 2001 100 Club he was the guest.  I've just always been impressed by him.

Q. Were you approached by just about every campaign?

No.  I mean I have friends in every campaign, so I talk to a lot of people, but for me I had a good feeling about where I was going to be going not long after the election.  ...focused totally on 2002 to be honest, and then after that spent a couple of weeks of what can be described as mourning...