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Manchester, NH, May 22, 2003--The Lieberman campaign has the hippest of the New Hampshire headquarters, in part because of the efforts of Deputy Field Director Chris Pappas.

What's on that rack in the corner there?
General Introductory Piece - 1 page.
About Senator Joe Lieberman - 4 pages.
About Hadassah Lieberman - 1 page.

Position Papers - 1 page each:
Joe Lieberman: Standing Firm to Disarm Saddam Hussein
Joe Lieberman: Promoting Corporate Responsibility, Protecting Investors and Consumers
Joe Lieberman: Standing up for Fairness and Dignity for All [gay and lesbian]
Joe Lieberman: Fighting for Equal Opportunity for All [racial discrimination]
Joe Lieberman: The Right Choice for Women
Joe Lieberman: Protecting Our Environment
Joe Lieberman: Growing the Economy and Expanding Opportunities
Joe Lieberman: Expanding Affordable and Quality Health Care
Joe Lieberman: Fighting for Working Men and Women
Joe Lieberman: Fighting for a Strong US-Israel Relationship

Hunter McGee.  "Lieberman pitches plan to fix the economy"  Union Leader.  April 22, 2003.  - 2 pages.
--.  "Lieberman Slams Bush on Environment."  Associated Press.  April 22, 2003.  - 1 page.
Joseph I. Lieberman and John McCain.  "Tap U.S. Innovation to Ease Global Warming." Los Angeles Times (Op-Ed).  January 8, 2003. - 2 pages  (environment position paper is on the back).

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