Vice Presidential Debate at Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio.  (more)

Oct. 5, 2004--A man working for the Democratic National Committe hands out "Halliburton Hospitality Bags" to arriving reporters.  The items in the bag are designed to remind reporters of questionable Halliburton practices.  For example, the accompanying documentation states that the can of soda is, "A great value when you consider that according to former KBR auditor Marie de Young, KBR charged $45 for a case of soda.  [MSNBC, 7/26/04]"  Contents also included "Your Very Own No Bid Contract" and a check for $2 million.

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1. - General scenes on the lawn.
2. - The ubiquitous Bob Kunst.
3. - Staffers from the New Voters Project.
4. - Supporters of Lyndon LaRouche.
5. - Making the rounds near the debate site.
6. - A man working for the DNC hands out "Halliburton Hospitality Bags" to arriving reporters.
7. - BC'04 chairman Marc Racicot outside Veale Center prior to the debate.
8. - BC'04 chairman Ken Mehlman arrives at Veale Center.

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Sen. John Edwards' town hall meeting earlier in the day.  >

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