"Bush Truth Squad"

Aug. 3, 2004.  Rep. Dick Gephardt (D-MO) and other Democrats announce launch of the "Bush Truth Squad" in a press conference at the National Press Club.

Bush Truth Squad: Mission Statement

We have joined the Bush Truth Squad because we are dedicated to holding this President accountable for his failed policies and we can not stand idly by as he misleads this country further. We vow no false claim will go unanswered; no attack will go without a response.

The Bush Truth Squad will follow the President into city streets, suburban neighborhoods, and on small town main streets to offer the truth we have witnessed with our own eyes.

When George W. Bush says we have turned the corner we will give the cold facts on outsourcing, job losses, and diminished wages that that have painted the middle class into a corner, rather than helped them turn the corner.

When George W. Bush claims leadership in foreign policy we will ask why he didn't tell us the true reasons for going to war in Iraq, why he had no plan for securing the peace, and why he misled us about the cost of the war.

When George W. Bush claims to support our troops we will ask why he is cutting veterans benefits, and why he has overextended our troops to the point that we now have a back door draft on our National Guard and Reservists.

The Bush Truth Squad will stand at the ready to defend John Kerry's lifetime of strength and service against the Bush-Cheney attack machine. We will move into action if anyone dares question the patriotism of John Kerry, a man who put his life on the line for this country.

We will not stand idly by while mischaracterizations of John Kerry's or John Edwards' records or characters are lobbed into the political fray in an attempt to steer the discourse away from the real issues in this campaign.

John Kerry has a distinguished record as a prosecutor, Lt. Governor and U.S. Senator of fighting for middle class values and standing up for the principles he believes in. We will make sure America knows the truth about John Kerry's courageous record from voting for the balanced budget amendment to working with Senator McCain on the full accounting and return of POWs and MIAs from the Vietnam war.

We, the Bush Truth Squad go forth armed with truth and answers and committed to being heard North and South, East and West, and in Red and Blue. We are the Bush Truth Squad, and we are coming to a town near you.

DNC Communications Director Jano Cabrera arrives for the press conference.

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