Greens Fundraiser at Mimi's Restaurant
December 15, 2002--"Who here can give $100 to build the Green Party?"  After starting at the $1,000 to $20,000 level (there was one $1,000 contributor), Green Party finance director Jack Uhrich worked his way down.  Later, various items were auctioned off including a couple of Sensible Priorities' pens, books and artwork.  Uhrich expected this fundraiser would bring in about $6,000 for the DC Statehood Green Party/The Green Party of the United States.  Uhrich, now of Aiken, South Carolina, is one of three full-time staffers of the Green Party of the U.S.; he started in October 2001.  This year the party has done seven fundraisers with Ralph Nader and has also raised money through mailings and personal solicitations.  Uhrich said the party would raise about $500,000 in 2002, compared to about $100,000 in 2001.  To raise its first million the Greens are using a "1000 for 1000 Campaign" where people are asked to give according to their ability: $1000 or $84/month for 12 months or $42/month for 24 months down to $10/month for 100 months. 

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