Retail politics--Booths at the Minnesota State Fair

Photos courtesy of Mike Dec/

Aug. 27, 2004--The Minnesota State Fair, held from Aug. 26 to Sept. 6, 2004, drew a total attendance of 1,631,940.  Cong. John Kline (MN-2) and Speaker Steve Sviggum were greeting people at the GOP booth.  Steve Burt, one of many who worked the Democrats' booth, wrote in, "The booth has been packed, and some of the merchandise (Kerry buttons, for example) sells and sells and sells once we make it available-- it's a big booth too."  Other parties including the Greens and the Constitution Party had smaller booths at the Fair. 

Senator John Kerry stopped in at the fair on the opening day, Aug. 26, after an event Anoka; he ate a corn dog and toured the cattle barn.  Senator John McCain held a Veterans Victory Rally on the afternoon of Sept. 3.  Vice President Dick Cheney spoke to volunteers at a Bush-Cheney '04 Town Hall Meeting and helped out at the Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar booth on Sept. 6.

Also of interest, on Sept. 3, Minnesota Public Radio held a "side by side political rally" at Carousel Park.  Supporters of the candidates made pitches to Judy ("not her real name"), "the last undecided voter in the state of Minnesota."

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