House Democrats Choose Rep. Nancy Pelosi as Leader
November 14, 2002--House Democrats elected Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA-8) as Leader by a margin of 177-29 over Rep. Harold Ford (TN-9).  Pelosi has represented much of the City of San Francisco since her election to Congress in 1986.  On October 10, 2001, her colleagues elected her House Democratic Whip, the number two position.  Pelosi replaces Rep. Dick Gephardt (MO-3), who announced on November 7 that he would not seek re-election to the post.  Rep. Martin Frost (TX-24) had announced a bid to become Democratic Leader on November 7, but he withdrew the next day because he saw that Pelosi had lined up a majority; Ford then launched his bid.   Photos--Above: Rep. Ford, Rep. David Obey (WI-7) and Rep. Pelosi face reporters after Pelosi's election as Leader.  Below: Pelosi is flanked by Rep. John Spratt (SC-5), whom she named Assistant to the Democratic Leader, and by outgoing Leader Gephardt.

Copyright © 2002  Eric M. Appleman/Democracy in Action.