Tim Roemer for DNC Chair

For Immediate Release
Feb. 7, 2005

Contact: Ruben Pulido Jr.

Tim Roemer Ends Candidacy for DNC Chair

WASHINGTON—Today, Tim Roemer announced that he is ending his candidacy for Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair.  Following is his statement:

“While I end my candidacy for Chair of the Democratic National Committee today, I will continue to fight for my Party’s heart and soul because I am a Democrat first, last and always.

“When I entered this race four weeks ago, I did so with a sense of purpose and a love for my Party.  I wanted to see us win again, and lead our Party to become the American majority party.

“We Democrats have some serious challenges before us.  First and foremost, Americans don’t trust Democrats to keep them safe and secure.  In order to win future elections, we need to articulate a comprehensive national security message.

“I am also deeply concerned that our proud history as the party of inclusion is in jeopardy.  We are losing ground with some of our core constituencies on values and faith issues.  If we do not have a serious conversation within our Party about how to reach out to those who are leaving us, we will be doomed to minority party status.  I believe that my campaign has helped to begin that discussion, which we will continue with the broader Democratic Party.

“I want to thank everyone who supported me and my vision for a Democratic Party that welcomes those with differing views, but agree with us on many of our core Democratic principles.  We must focus on what unites us—not on what divides us—to be a stronger Party.

“I leave this race with confidence that if we Democrats do what is necessary, we can take back city halls, state legislatures, House and Senate seats, and the White House in elections to come.”

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