New Hampshire Democratic Party--News, posted Aug. 10, 2004

Republicans Afraid Bush Can't Win New Hampshire, Invest Resources in a Third Party Candidate

Former Ralph Nader supporters, members of the Seacoast Progressive Alliance, Emily Sawka and the Democratic Party today called on Dave Carney and the New Hampshire Republican Party to admit they manipulated the electoral process by coordinating a petition drive for Ralph Nader last weekend and called on the Nader campaign to refuse to accept petitions collected through this type of unethical and potentially illegal activity.

The Republican consulting firm Norway Hill Associates, Inc led by Dave Carney, former political director in the George H. W. Bush White House, hired a temp agency to collect signatures with "talking points" that the signatures would actually be helping President Bush.

Participants in today's press conference, including Alex Lee, a former Nader supporter and Herb Moyer, representing the Seacoast Progressive Alliance, asked Ralph Nader, known for his support and advocacy of open and honest government to reject this type of support in the interest of protecting the electoral process.

"I hope that Ralph Nader will be unwilling to allow himself and his campaign to be used to such deceitful ends," said Emily Sawka.

"What does it say about the Republican Party's faith in their incumbent President that they have to invest resources and time and energy into getting a third party candidate on the ballot?" said Kathy Sullivan, the Democratic State Party Chair.  "This proves once again just how afraid the Republican Party is of John Kerry and his positive message of building a stronger America, more respected in the world."

Dave Carney claims Norway Hill Associates, Inc. was asked to coordinate the petition signing by "Choices for America" a Republican financed group based in Missouri. Carney's statements have been inconsistent on who or what group is going pay him.  The Republican party of New Hampshire and the Nader campaign have both denied involvement.

The payment by Norway Hill and the acceptance of signatures by Ralph Nader raise serious issues regarding whether corporate contributions to the Nader campaign or the Bush campaign, which are prohibited under federal election laws, were involved.  Independent expenditures by for-profit corporations such as Norway Hill are also banned under federal law.

Posted: 8/10/2004