1970 1971 1972  1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979
Bush MBA from Harvard. Founder/CEO of Bush Exploration, 1975-87. Marries Laura. Republican nominee for U.S. House.
Dean Receives bachelor's from Yale Univ. Skiing and working in Aspen, CO. Stockbroker with Clark Dodge in NYC. Receives MD from Albert Einstein C.
Residency at UVM, 1978-81.
Edwards Graduates from North Moore High School. Receives BS from NCSU. Receives JD from UNC.
Marries Elizabeth.
Law clerk, 1977-78.
Assoc., Dearborn & Ewing, Nashville
Son Wade born.
Gephardt ...Attorney,
Thompson & Mitchell,
St. Louis Board of Aldermen, 1971-76. Elected U.S. House. Re-elected
U.S. House.
Kerry Marries Julia Thorne. April-
Testifies, Sen. Foreign Relations Comm.
nominee for U.S. House.
Receives JD from Boston College Law School. Assist. District Attorney in Middlesex County, 1977-82.
Lieberman Elected CT State Senate (age 28).
Senate Majority Leader 1975-80.
Sharpton Founds National Youth Movement Runs for New York State Senate.

John Edwards

John and Elizabeth Edwards, 1977.
Captain of the North Moore High School Mustangs, 1970 (senior year).


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