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"Democracy in Action is a fantastic no-nonsense resource.  Eric Appleman has put together the real thing.  He's on the scene in Washington and across the country whenever and where ever political, governmental or policy news occurs.  Every citizen should check it out.  For this reporter it is indispensable; fast, even handed, and comprehensive. Book Mark it!"
--Carl Cameron, Fox News

"Eric Appleman has built a real-time library that can help citizens fill gaps in their knowledge as they follow a presidential campaign.  P2000 was the place to go to put news coverage and campaign rhetoric in context.  This online public service will be an essential resource in 2004."
 --Michael Cornfield, Professor, Graduate School of Political Management, The George Washington University

"P2000 is allpolitics.com on steroids.  The site is like C-SPAN, CNN, Teddy White and The Almanac of American Politics all rolled into one, all original, and all up to the minute.  Appleman is a detail-oriented and e-literate historian of the contemporary electoral process, and his web site is a marker of what the new media can do."
    --Jarol B. Manheim, Professor of Media and Public Affairs, The George Washington University

"A great site with lots of detailed information on all of the leading Presidential candidates. Very useful -- although be patient as the first page takes a while to load (but it's worth the wait)."

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