Badnarik/Campagna 2004

"Message for Conservative"
60-second radio ad run in  selected markets nationwide starting Oct. 2004.

Michael Badnarik: I'm Michael Badnarik and I approved this message.

Male Announcer: President Bush got elected by claiming to be a compassionate conservative.

Would a conservative approve a half a trillion dollars in deficit spending in a single year?

Would a conservative give us Hillary-care socialized medicine, something even Bill Clinton couldn't do?

Would a conservative approve of searching our homes without warrants or locking up American citizens indefinitely without even filing any charges?

If you're fed up with electing Republicans who claim to be conservative and then govern like liberal Democrats you do have an alternative: Michael Badnarik, the Libertarian candidate for President.

Bush and Kerry aren't the only choices.  

Libertarian Michael Badnarik, the alternative for the true conservative.

Call 800-807-7552 today.  That's 800-807-7552.

Second Male Announcer:  Or log on at  That's
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