Badnarik/Campagna 2004

"Aaron Russo Endorsement"
30-second ad run in NV.

Michael Badnarik: I'm Michael Badnarik and I approve this message.

Aaron Russo: Hello I'm Aaron Russo.

Do you really have a choice in the upcoming election?

Both Bush and Kerry support the war in Iraq.

Both support stringent gun control laws.

Both support the Patriot Act, and both support massive government spending.

These candidates look the same to me.

Stop voting for  the lesser of two evils. 

Vote for peace and freedom. 

Vote for Michael Badnarik to stop the war in Iraq and protect our children from the coming military draft.

Michael Badnarik: Vote for me, Michael Badnarik.  All our freedoms, all the time.
On the screen:
Notes and Observations:  Closes with same image as opens with.  There is a funky morph with the Kerry and Bush heads.