Club for Growth PAC

"Blowing in the Wind"
:30 ad run "starting July 26 in Boston, and then an aggressive buy will roll out in several Midwestern states."

Warfield Associates

John Kerry has a little problem making up his mind.  Okay, a big problem.

In 1996 he opposed the death penalty for terrorists.  Now he claims to support it.  Sometimes hes for welfare reform, sometimes hes against it.

For a 50-cent gas tax hike, then maybe not.

Kerry voted for higher taxes 350 times, but now says hed cut taxes.

John Kerry blowing in the wind (sounds of wind blowing).

Verbal disclaimer.


1. Shot of John Kerry weather vane with cloudy sky in background. Weather vane begins to spin back and forth.  2. The shot zooms out revealing weather vane on top of a barn. Weather vane continues to spin, swinging back and forth to follow the text.  3. Weather vane spinning wildly.  4. Weather vane falls off barn; Billboard and disclaimer.
Notes and Observations:  On August 3, DNC General Counsel Joseph E. Sandler sent a letter > to station managers urging them "not to carry this blatantly false commercial."