Gephardt for President, Inc.

30-second ad run in Iowa and NH starting Sept. 2, 2003.

Morris & Carrick

1993.  The economy's in a tailspin.  Every Republican opposes Bill Clinton's economic plan.  But, Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt digs in and wins the fight in Congress by one vote. 

The result: The longest expansion ever.  Millions of new jobs. 

Gephardt: I'm Dick Gephardt.  We took the political heat, but we did what was right.  Now we have to get rid of the Bush tax cuts to create new jobs, and guarantee health care for all.  That's why I approved this message.

On the screen: Starts with three B&W photos.  1. A sign: "Promises, Promises, Still No Work;" camera zooms out to show the man holding the sign.  2. Newt Gingrich; camera zooms out to show other Republicans.  3. Gephardt pointing; zooms in.  He is identified as "Democratic Leader."  Color video.  4. Short clip (3-4 sec.) shows a busy street scene with lots of pedestrians; Gephardt is shaking hands with people walking by.  5. Long clip (10-plus sec) Gephardt, his wife Jane and several other people; Gephardt is talking to the camera.  The camera zooms out to show he is in the midst of a group of about 20 people seated on bleachers.  Letters G-E-P-H-A-R-D-T added.