Gephardt for President, Inc.

30-second ad run in Iowa, released Oct. 16, 2003

Morris & Carrick

Olin Clayton: After NAFTA, I lost two good jobs, they closed the plants and the jobs went to Mexico.

Barb Clayton: We've had to move three times, uproot our family and now we're worried we'll have to do it again.

Announcer: Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt led the fight against NAFTA. As President, Dick Gephardt will fight for American jobs. He knows when the rules are fair, American workers win. 

Gephardt: I'm Dick Gephardt and I approved this message because I want to stop George Bush and fight for America's Middle Class. 


On the screen: Olin and Barb Clayton and Rep. Gephardt at the kitchen table.
Notes and Observations: This ad addresses the trade issue through a personal story.  A release accompanying the ad provided the following details: "Olin and Barb Clayton, originally from Illinois, moved to Des Moines in 2001 when the Firestone plant closed in Decatur, Ill.  Barb continued to work as a nurse in Illinois and joined Olin in Des Moines in July 2003 when she was able to find a job.  Olin was a forklift operator in the Firestone plant but currently serves as a "loaned executive" for the United Way, helping to raise money for the organization."